Chief Osita Chidoka
Chief Osita Chidoka

The most prestigious Club in South East, Enugu Sports Club hosts the famous and leading candidate in the November 18th governorship election in Anambra state Chief Osita Chidoka of United progressive party (UPP) to deliver his manifesto to the club, why Anambra is so dear to him and how he intends to govern the state.

Chief Osita Chidoka did not disappoint his host when after delivering his manifesto which he earlier said it will be brief, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate receives standing ovation from high and mighty that gathered at the night event amidst clap and praise.

Chidoka bemoaned the state of Anambra state, he promised new dawn if elected into office come November 18th,2017. Osita promised to restructure the state to an international acceptable standard, the United progressive party candidate maintained that he will provide quality Education for pupils through training and re-training of the teachers with standard and well equip classrooms across the state. “there will be establishment of public service academic for the civil servant which will enable them to meet the standard that is obtainable Worldwide”.Chidoka resorted.

He said the Anambra state will be turned to hub of internet facility, promised to build WIFI Anambra with good road network, believes that through this traffic gridlock will be resolved and communication gap will be bridged and Onitsha the hub of business activities in South East will be restructured and replanned for better business activities.

United progressive Party (UPP) equally takes a look at judiciary system of the state, promised total overhauling, fast delivery of judgment.” It will be turned to sector that must be visible to all in term of judgement” Chidoka pledged and at the same time customary court will be established within the state.

Anambra state will become destination of choice for the youth in terms of sports development programme which will be revolutionary whereby the talented sports men and women will be discovered to represent our state and Nigeria in future competition.

Earlier Chief Osita Chidoka had been given rousing welcome by Onitsha market men and women, Abagana, Njikoka Iga when his campaign train, called Team Tiger, took campaign to their territory. The Team Tiger was overwhelmingly received by all and sundry.




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