HON. SAKIRU IS A MAN OF IMPECCABLE CHARACTER- Hon. Kafilat Olakojo Executive Chairman, Atiba LGA

The Executive Chairman of Atiba local government Mrs Kafilat olakojo has described Hon. Sakiru Ojo who was a year older, as a man of impeccable character, a dependable ally, eloquent and an highly personified individual.

She further says the Sakiru ojo has native intelligence and well acknowledgable.
Kafila says Ojo is a leader by character, a man of his words, devoted and exemplified, she referred to the celebrant as a beloved brother.

Who has demonstrated over these years high level of compassionate, supportive and a go-getter spirit in my political journey.
“This is a man whom I’m well pleased with”, by actions and attitudes, Atiba local government maintained.

“Today, I’m celebrating this your special day with you, and also wishing you many more prosperous years on earth”, kafilat wishes Sakiru Ojo.

She went further to pray for the celebrant like this As for you today, so shall be your strength. Keep waxing stronger and do have a resounding birthday celebration in good health and numerous wealth, the Chairman Concluded.

Happy Birthday to you.
Omo Agoro b’ogun b’olu.
Igba odun, odun kan.


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