I’m a Man Of Honour And Integrity…If I Make a Promise…I Must Keep My Promise – Simi Diya

The first Son of former Chief of General staff Late Lt. General Oladipo Diya,Dawodu of the family, Barrister (Prince) Oyesinminlola Diya Speaks to integrityreporters tabliod recently.

Why didn’t you train to become a soldier, why Law?

It’s a long story which honestly is a mystery…I was getting ready for the Regular 34 intake of NDA when my late father wrote to me to jettison the quest…he later showed up physically in my school(Nigeria Military School) then he was a Red Neck (Colonel & Brigade Commander 31 Airborne Brigade)…It was a huge surprise as he appeared in his Military Uniform…he made it clear to me again that he’d prefer I go to the University to study law and afterwards I could come back to join the Army…it was a decision that haunted me to date…because I knew I’d lose my seniority instantly…however in all things we must give thanks to the Lord…I served as a Boy Soldier for 5 years and I used the discipline to guide myself through my studies and practice of law in Nigeria and the U.K. Thanks to him for the foresight…you never can tell what my fate could have been…but we were taught to follow orders!! The order was not just from my father but a Seasoned Red Neck…he was crack!! (Tough and a no-nonsense personality)So I obeyed him wholeheartedly
(I’ll expect you at this stage to mention the Nigerian Military School).

Did you take any lessons away from the Nigerian Military School?

Of course it is not a place for the Lilly hearted…it was a very very tough terrain…lol…there was no peace (always filled with one military activity or action)…Mondays was known for TEMPO!! (You must never be caught walking…you must always run or jog from one spot to another)…we slept at 10pm called lights Out and woke up by 5am…honestly it is the best experience in my life…discipline…obedience was very vital in the lines (hostels)…the breaking of a single rule is dangerous not just to yourself but in effect to your colleagues…so when you disobeyed a rule…you and your mates (colleagues) will pay dearly for it so these guided me through my studies and that’s why I have clients who are extremely loyal to me because I have not betrayed their trust in me

As a lawyer, how do you see the Nigerian legal system?

It is evolving and will get stronger as the country develops…I believe in our legal system…I have seen so much for over 3 decades of practice on both isles…U.K. is highly sophisticated and quite flexible…yes ours is evolving and gradually improving and will definitely get there…I can file my court proceedings online in the U.K. and get my hearing on phone when the need arises however our system will get there as service can be done online and other services will be improved upon that has not in any way affected the quality of our legal system

People like you should be in politics, what are your plans concerning that?

Honestly it is not an easy task…you make a promise and you deliver the promise…it’s honour…I’m a man of honour and integrity…if I make a promise…I must keep my promise which will earn you respect and integrity…one must watch and pray…look before you leap but support where necessary

What’s family life like?

Family life is the same everywhere…as life present itself your family remains priority through thick and thin with the Lord directing your footsteps

What is your mantra?

Remain humble and true to yourself…be transparent in all your dealings

If you had something to tell the Law students you’re supporting about life and Law, what would it be?
Be very honest and analytical and never rush to conclusions above all stay focused and don’t get distracted

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