Gov.oshiomole,Edo state governor
Gov.oshiomole,Edo state governor

I can’t agree less to the axiom which says: “no man has anything, unless it

has been given by God”. It may be the same reason Governor Adams Oshiomhole

of Edo State is a myth and paradox, all together. There is no use denying

that Mr. Oshiomhole achieved some feats by reconstructing few roads and

renovating as much schools in Edo state. In fact, he has achieved what

”gods and goddesses spirits” were incapable of achieving.

Certainly, Governor Oshiomhole will be remembered as a man from the labour

movement that presided over the reconstruction of those roads; red roof

renovation of schools, aped minimally at gully erosion control, built a

five star hospital for eight years – still building it – toppled the

godfathers and ascended to their position amongst others. But ”believe you

me” as commonplace with all great men in history, they are soon destroyed

by ”hubris”, Aristotle’s term for the pride of a tragic hero that leads

him to ignore or over look warnings and break moral laws.

Even with his make-believe accomplishments, his tenure has been marred in

unexampled and Olympian inequality, nepotism and unparalleled lopsidedness

in distribution of political offices in respect to the almighty principle

of Federal Character. The anomalous seed of unemployment, over taxation –

24 different tax collection – and the bizarre indebtedness he bequeathed to

the generation yet unborn is syntonic of failed leadership. These will be

topics for another day; including the reengineering of Agberoism and

godfatherism at the expense of the common wealth of Edo people.




As we approach September 10th governorship election, there is the need to

reflect on the One-Man-One-Vote gambit which has since been replaced with

One-Man-One-Gun! Since 2010, with the use of state machinery at his

disposal, Governor Oshiomhole has continuously turned the hallowed chambers

of the Edo State House of Assembly, EDHA, into a theatre of commotion,

chaos and mockery.

It is said, a king that transformed a jungle to a city will forever be

remembered. At the same, a king that turned a city into a jungle would not

be forgotten. Apologies to his iconoclastic co-travelers, the comrade

governor has been both. That is why Ecclesiastes 7:8 cautions: ”better is

the end of a thing than the beginning thereof; and the patient in spirit is

better than the proud in spirit”. Though, Governor Oshiomhole started

well, his end might be ”inconclusive” and shameful.

Of the six Speakers that held sway since Governor Oshiomhole came to power

in 2008; impeachments; electoral heist, rejection and self abnegating

stepping down has trailed their reign. A quick throwback to 2010, there was

a change in the leadership of the house when Rt. Hon. Zakawanu Garuba

representing Etsako West Constituency 1 was removed as speaker of the

House. Another PDP member Hon. Bright Omokhodion representing Esan West

Constituency was elected as the new Speaker; after he defected to the then

Action Congress (AC).

Talking about records, we are reminded that Governor Oshiomhole broke many

in his riotous more than seven-and-a-half-year of brigade. It is on record

that the imperial governor imported violence into the House of Assembly in

2010 by the forceful and illegal impeachment of Rt. Hon. Zakawanu because

Zakawanu refused to succumb to the dictates of the governor as regards the

removal and suspension of some local council chairmen.

As a rascal, he employed both Orthodox and contemporary weaponry to

pauperise the exalted office of the Speaker. Truth be told, Governor

Oshiomhole cannot be absolved of the consistent and continuous internal

scrabbles that has bedeviled the hallowed chambers since 2010. Free for all

fights were commonplace, honourable members threw caution to the wind and

used both the gavel and the mace – symbols of authority to inflict injuries

on fellow colleagues. Brouhaha reigned supreme. Rt. Hon. Zakawanu’s exit

was as a result of Governor Oshiomhole’s intolerance of the opposition and

the PDP-led House of Assembly.

However, Edo people will never have any cause to behave like the proverbial

man, who, while having his bath under the hot afternoon sun, encountered a

mad man who came and snatched away his towel, and in his stark nakedness,

gave the mad man a hot chase and every person who saw both of them couldn’t

tell the difference between the two of them. This explains why Edo people

should continue to resist the chicanery of a One-Man-One-Gun comrade.

After Rt. Hon. Omokhodion was installed Speaker by the Comrade Governor,

records have it that Hon. Omokhodion lost his re-election bid into the

House of Assembly in 2011. Pundits opined that he lost because the comrade

governor betrayed him and could not rig the election for him. Others assert

that the Comrade governor clandestinely ensured that a ”Judas” like Hon.

Omokhodion never got re-elected. “If he could eat his fellow PDP members by

decamping to the ACN and conspiring against Hon. Zakawanu, what will he not

do to the skin of the lizards in the then ACN?” Another school of thought

believe that his betrayal of the Esan nation by cross-carpeting over to the

then ACN was considered a sacrilege and was responsible for his defeat at

the poll. Hon. Omokhodion has since returned back to PDP.




In June 2011, Rt. Hon. Uyi Igbe representing Oredo West Constituency was

elected Speaker. Insider sources had it that Governor Oshiomhole could not

interfere in the affairs of Hon. Igbe because he was the scion of the Prime

Minister of the Benin kingdom, the Iyase of Benin, Chief S.O.U. Igbe and

might incur the wrath of the palace of the Oba of Benin if any foul play

was noticed. As the ‘Oshiomholefication’ of the state’s house of Assembly

continued, in 2014, a major crisis engulfed the House.

That led to the polarized factions of Governor Oshiomhole-led group on the

auspices of Rt. Hon. Igbe and another led by Hon. Festus Ebea, the three

suspended APC members that defected to the PDP and their PDP cohorts

holding different sittings. Governor Oshiomhole’s faction threw decorum

through the window when it started holding plenary at the old Exco Chambers

within the premises of Government House. During that charade, Hon. Tiger

Edoror representing Esan Central Constituency was elected Deputy Speaker of

the Governor Oshiomhole faction. In 2015, Rt. Hon. Igbe lost his

re-election bid and Hon. Tiger Edoror became the Speaker. As it is said,

the moment visionless leaders no longer know what tricks to pull, they

would start doing everything unimaginable.

Less than a year of his second tenure in May 2016, the Governor engineered

the impeachment of Rt. Hon. Edoror after using the ”Tiger” without claws

to accomplish his legislative rascality. The Governor dumped Rt. Hon.

Edoror after using him to block the swearing in of his kinsmen Hon.

Sylvanus Eruaga of the PDP, member elect representing Etsako West II

Constituency on many occasions after disobeying the Court of Appeal’s

judgment for about four months that declared Hon. Eruaga winner, after

disqualifying the APC candidate.




However, Eruaga’s inauguration became a subject of controversy after the

former Speaker Edoror refused to swear in Hon. Eruaga, insisting that the

house was investigating the certificate of return issued by INEC to Hon.

Eruaga, which he dubbed as fake. The ouster of Hon. Edoror and his Deputy

Hon. Bright Osayande for alleged gross misconduct paved the way for the

ascension of the first female Speaker; Rt. Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Ativie,

representing Uhunmwode Constituency, another treacherous legislator who

many critics posit that she can sell her own mother for money, while Dr.

Justin Okonoboh representing Igueben Constituency emerged Deputy Speaker.

Hon. Edoror was said to be removed because of his alleged highhandedness

and that he ”ate government money” the way the endangered red woodchuck

squirrel eats palm nuts. As he was eating one with his right hand, another

palm nut was in the left, gazing menacingly at the others to feast on in

quick succession! Hon. Kabiru Adjoto another strong ally of Governor

Oshiomhole was one of the principal actors of that palace coup that removed

Hon. Edoror. As the impeachment proceedings against Hon. Edoror proceeds,

many of his aides whispered to newsmen that governor Adams was responsible

for the ”Tiger’s exit”. They said when Hon. Edoror got a scoop of his

impeachment he desperately put a phone call to the Governor that was

rebuffed many times. What a pity!

In July 2016, Hon. Okonoboh who was elected Deputy Speaker in May 2016 was

sworn in as Speaker and the first female Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ativie who was

sworn in as Speaker in May, becomes Deputy Speaker in July. She

relinquished the office of the speaker to become Deputy Speaker! The novel

change of guard of legislative business in Edo State was possible during

Governor Oshiomhole’s reign of terror. Hon. Ativie was alleged to have

collected N30 million Naira to step down for Hon. Okonoboh. It was said

that the change of guard became imperative to create political balance in

governance to reflect equitable representation of the tripartite senatorial

districts. Is it too late to relocate the Speaker seat to Edo Central? Does

producing six Speakers in the life of eight years administration service

the interest of legislative independent? Was it not be same house that

approve the sale of Edo Estate in Lagos for Governor Oshiomhole to sell for

himself, which the previous house under Chief Lucky Igbinedion could not

approve for the PDP governor?

It’s obvious that the grand plan was to enable Governor Oshiomhole

hoodwinked Esan people for the forthcoming September 10th governorship

election after he has forcefully rammed his two puppets down the throes of

Edo electorate. Hon. Okonoboh emergence is said to balance the political

equation with Governor Oshiomhole from Edo North, Pius Odubu from Edo

South, while APC governorship candidate, Mr Godwin Obaseki is from Edo

South and his running mate Hon. Philip Shuaibu, Edo North. How long will

the dramatic impish governor continue to lie to Edo people and Nigerians

without his long nose exposing his digital deceit?

It is only a mad man that goes to town to tell warring audience that he is

God. Everyone with sane mind knows that no man is God. Governor Oshiomhole

is no God. He is a transitory mere mortal with clay feet. As Oshiomhole is

breasting off hostile criticism of his inordinate government, the question

of finishing weak/strong lurks in the outcome of the September 10th

governorship election. It’s a date to look out for.

Ikhide, A Social Activist writes from Lagos.