Otunba Gbenga Daniel

Otunba Olugbenga Daniel is an Engineer turned politican,his politics cum activism started way back to his University days at University of Lagos,Akoka,Yaba, Lagos.OGD as he is fondly called is a journalist delight, he met with some selected journalists in one of his mansions built in Lagos at relatively young age though building houses is his hobby according to him.

There is no doubt that the former governor of Ogun state Otunba Gbenga Daniel is the leading candidate in the struggle for who will be at the helm of affairs of Peoples’ Democractic Party at Wadata house Abuja as National Chairman.

“I will change the change come 2019 as National Chairman of Peoples’ Democratic Party”,OGD was so confident when asked what he intend to do when he eventually emerged as National Chairman of the one-time ruling party in Nigeria, he makes mess of the current ruling party at the national level, All progressive party (APC) that he is going to change the change, as APC is known for ‘change’ slogan, berated the President Mohammed Buhari’s ruling party for failing to live up to Nigerians expectation.

‘APC has performed far far below expectation of people of Nigeria’,Gbenga Daniel claimed. He compared the exchange rate of dollar to naira since APC party took over power from PDP, said that the exchange rate is the worst in the history of Nigeria, which is 372 naira to one dollar. OGD frowns at this but sounded confident that with him at the helm of affairs as National Chairman of People Democratic Party (PDP),the current ruling party in the country will be sent out of Aso rock and Nigerians will have new lease of life. Described voting against Jonathan led ruling party in 2015 election like moving from fried pan to fire.

He pinpointed the rate of unemployment in the country as alarming and unacceptable, saying that this may continue because Nigeria money is not kept in Nigeria.

On why he want to be National Chairman of people’s Democratic Party.

Otunba Daniel was quick to answer that he has been governor of Ogun state for 8years, a party administrator, a player in the corporate governance at the highest level and so on, so with all these experiences, he believes that he is more than capable to lead one time largest party in African to regain its lost glory.He clarified that his ambition of becoming the next People’s Democratic Party National Chairman is not personal,  rather he could have preferred Executive position.

About the case against him pending in court.

OGD dismisses the case, he said, “I have no worries, I have been in court 40 times since the case started six years ago, I have not missed court day for once or give any excuse on health ground which is common to Nigeria office holder and OGD did not ask for adjournment. Not a single dime have been traced to my account that belong to government. I am a millionaire before I came into government in Ogun state. I am more or less a statesman”, he said.

When asked about his main challenger, Chief Bode George.

Otunba Daniel sounded modest, unlike typical Nigeria politicians who usually sees his political rival as enemy.OGD in his frank and truthful manner referred to Chief Bode George as his ‘OGA’( boss), a very smart and intelligent man, who earns his respect so much. He said that Chief Bode George has equal right like him to contest as well so he has nothing against his ambition since it will be through election.

When reminded of Chief Uche Secondus from South South ambition to contest for the same post,Otunba decribed Uche has his friend beside anybody who is interested in the position has right to contest, he affirmed. As regards stepping down for each other which cannot be ruled out in political setting, Daniel said “leave us alone regarding stepping down”.

OGD was questioned why he started his campaign from North not South West his home ground

He has this to say, on my consultation, I consulted founding fathers of our great party like Generals Babangida,Abdusalam Abubakar and others on first round of my campaign. Otunba claimed to have done a lot of consultation in Ogun State and South West since they say charity begins at home. ‘And I am very sure they are in my support’. He sounded optimistic.OGD informed the journalists around that the second phase of his campaign has started in earnest, my style of politics is total, he sounded the voice  of victory.

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