By kehinde Emmanuel, ilorin

An Ilorin based lawyer, Kunle Suleiman  has said the call on the presidency by the Senate President, Dr. Bukola to institute

Bukola Saraki

an inquiry into the death of the key suspect in the Offa robbery is unlawful.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin, Suleiman who is an Ilorin man like Saraki said the Senate president has no direct or indirect business with police investigations in a criminal case and that it amounts to a rudeness on his part to draft the presidency into criminal findings against a robbery suspect as against the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Not only that, the legal practitioner said the red chamber of the National Assembly (the Senate) would be guilty of overstepping its bounds by attempting to carry out investigation also, on the death of a suspect in the widely celebrated Offa robbery. More so, that the name of the Senate President had been allegedly mentioned by the suspects.

The lawyer accused the number three citizen; his kinsman, of dabbling into the functions of the executive arm of government under who a body like the police falls saying: “it is the duty of the Inspector General to investigate the death of a criminal in police custody and not that of the presidency to do

“Besides, it is the President of this nation that can ask the IGP questions on any matter being his Commander-in-chief but it would not be at the instance of the Senate President. Making such a call through his Press Secretary. This is rude and unlawful.

“The IGP arrests suspected criminals, investigates them and charge persons connected to armed robbery, investigate and charged to court such persons them to court. Other developments on the suspected crimes can still make him go on with investigations and no individual whose name has come up in the matter can give directives to suit his interests..

“However, the IGP has the duty to institute investigations into the mysterious death of Michael Adikwu no doubt but, it can ever be at the instance of Saraki and his Senate. The case, especially the one that has his name mentioned, gives rise to the suspicion of an underhand play. Saraki should therefore tred with cautions.

The lawyer also commented  the alleged claim by Dr. Bukola Saraki that he spent about N400million in each of the thirty six states of the federation except south western states in 2015 implying that he spent N12billion to bring President Buhari to power in 2015.

According to him, Saraki was at the head of funds raised by the then campaigns of Buhari and various individuals contributich means that money spent could not personally be that of Saraki.

Suleiman however said in the event that the Senate President was quoted rightly that he personally spent that much, he should made to answer some questions

“The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) therefore has a duty here. The Senate President as an individual should be made to state where he got such a huge amount of money from as an individual to the extent that he freely spent it across the states for the cause of another person.

“If Col. Dasuki is standing trial today as well as former Govern or Ayodele Fayose over billions allegedly spent elections, Dr. Saraki who had allegedly volunteered to sahy he spent N12billion on somebody’s election should also therefore be put on trial.