R-L DCI Mannir Yari,psc,pcc reciving Exemplary Leadership award at NIS dinner and award night held on Saturday 7th dec. 2019

Gone were the days when the result of the hard work is more work but nowadays the result of hard work is an award, this in recognition of excellency or outstanding performance in ones  chosen career.

Nigeria Immigration Services at their annual dinner and award night held  on Saturday 7th  2019 in Abuja honoured one of their own DCI.Mannir Yari psc,pcc ,Passport Control Officer, ikoyi, (PCO) for his Exemplary performance in the cause of discharging his duties which was considered diligent ,brilliant and dutifully.

Integrityreporters learnt that DSI Mannir was considered for the award due to the improve in service delivery and creating enabling environment for passport applicants in Ikoyi passport office. He makes the collection of passport so easy and effective, he deserves more than the award, says one of the applicants who heard of Mannir’s  being awarded.

One of the officers who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity praised DCI Mannir style of leadership , said Oga has reduced the touting and touts in Ikoyi passport office drastically. When he was posted to Ikoyi passport office the first job he did was to clear all the traditional backlog of unproduced files and simplify the issuance of passport processes, I really learnt a lot from Oga Mannir,the man said.

Integrityreporters equally learnt that DCI Mannir has created a good working relationship with all the companies involves in the passport processing like new production room,SERVICOM compliant office,conference centre while he has renovated almost all the offices in Ikoyi passport office to make it conducive for his officers in service delivery, to the extent that an applicant gets his or her passport within maximum of 3 days.

Again another officer from ikoyi passport office CSI Dokoro was also awarded, he was honored with ‘Exemplary Conduct Award’. CSI Dokoro works directly under DCI Yari Mannir psc,pcc,passport control officer,(PCO) ikoyi.