Friends: Pls disregard False and Misleading Statement Circulating on Social Media credited to the Publicity Secretary Of NBA Benin City EDO State Chapter.

The Publicity Secretary Falsely Claimed that Some Police Officers Of the IRT came to Benin City from Abuja Led By DCP Abba Kyari and Released Some Kidnappers earlier arrested by the Police.

Though I am seriously irked by this False Statement from a Publicity Secretary Of a Reputable Association like the NBA Benin City Chapter but as First step I believe it’s good for all Nigerians and my good friends to be fully a-braced of the truth.

Firstly: It’s Was glaringly clear that it was another Independent Unit from Abuja that went to Benin City not IRT or Myself.  A call to the Police PRO in Benin City or Myself would have given the writer the true Status of the case.

Secondly: I have not stepped my foot in Benin City in the last 2years hence I was Surprised to see on Social media today that I led a team to Benin City to release kidnappers while I was in Kaduna and Katsina States all these while fighting Kidnappers. We are not Linked to this case in any way because my Unit is not handling we have not taken over the case frm the State police Command as Mentioned by the False Statement.

Thirdly: We have directed our legal Department to take immediate action against this Person(s) though Senior Members Of the NBA in Benin City Promised to Retract the false Statement immediately which they did and they Promised to address the Press and make more clarifications.

But still Many good Nigerians and Many Of my friends might not See the Retraction hence my Post.