By Ojo Peter, Ibadan

Satguru Maharaj Ji,

Satguru Maharaj Ji, founder of One Love Family, has urged the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu to stay clear from acts of commission that will negate the desired objectives to safe-guard lives and properties which the use of blue color entails.

This was contained in a statement signed and issued to journalists on Friday.

According to him,there is need to avoid all blue colored objects because blue color is not part of the Alajobi culture of old, that was there at the beginning.

“Blue color belongs to the marine world for those of us who sinned and were buried to live under the water are being used to destabilize everybody. Hence it should not be entertained at all.

“Agents of marine powers have great affinity with blue color, because of this, they wear blue items like a mask in order to facilitate their covert acts of destruction across the world.

“Statistical records shows that majority of mayhem or disasters with very high mortality rate that befell man in terms of accidents etc is more prevalently associated with the color of blue, which Oyinbos made us to believe is love, whereas it is danger. This is the reason why when somebody does the blood turns to blue color.

He pointed out that the red color which has the highest frequency of vibration among other color represents love, stressing that, this is supported by the fact that the human blood is red, dignitaries are given red carpet treatment, while peppers, tomatoes consumed by humans are also red.

Maharaj Ji posited that it is observed with dismay that most of the BRT buses are wearing blue color, adding that, it is very unhealthy for commuters because it enhances the propensity which marine agents take advantage of to unleash mayhem on road users with dead-accuracy. Remember that it was after Iya Alaro the”marine queen” was arrested that we succeeded in building the Carter Bridge of old.

The Living Perfect Master, however, called on the Governor to in the interest of Lagosians, in particular, and Nigerians in general, to passionately look into this seemingly innocuous matter, which have grave implications for human life and properties so as to urgently take steps to redress the issue through executive order directing all blue-colored vehicles to be repainted to any other color of one’s choice.