Abiodun Adenegan Odukoya, the fashion entrepreneur has carved a niche for himself among fashion buffs. According to him, being rich shouldn’t be confused with possessing panache but many a deep-pocket mistake extravagance for elegance. “You do not have to be extravagant to be elegant. This is because in matters of grave importance, style, not extravagance, is the vital factor. It is what distinguishes the men from the boys, the pretenders from the pragmatists; it is what differentiates the commoner from the classical.”, and that’s what AB Rollings is known for.

Style becomes the essence of every man, according to Abiodun. Thus like an emperor of immeasurable chic, his fascination with clean cuts and elaborate lines comes alive in his range of bespoke designs and brilliantly cut apparels. Although his specialty encompasses formal and informal male couture, female clothings, and will add kiddies as he launched.

Abiodun flaunts enviable understanding of clothing thus his bespoke ensembles feature stylish and daring functional designs cut from premium cotton, silk, wool, damask, lace, and cashmere fashioned with the quality finish.

There is no gainsaying Abiodun’s love for classy couture blossomed quite early in his youth; according to him, he developed a fascination with fashion when he was travelling all over the world. “Back then, my mum sells lace, and still sells till now, and that have really gingered my spirit towards fashion, and my greatest satisfaction is when people around me are satisfied”.

Ahead of his birthday on 25th December, Abiodun acknowledged that AB Rollings is a bespoke and affordable clothing line that has come to alleviate the stress of fashion on all fashion enthusiasts. Their fabrics are carefully selected by a combination of old and new experiences. According to Biodun, AB Rollings is not just a fashion designing or designers outlet, rather, a fashion entrepreneurship”.

Over time they have based their dream on diligently satisfying the style needs of all people, not concentrating on just the elite and the big pocketed fashion lovers.

You could be forgiven for thinking he keeps the color palette of his fabrics defiantly posh and upscale as those he makes for his clientele. While his style looks swanky and effortless from a distance, closer, you will find that the artistry, obsessive attention to detail and fervor that goes into it are integral parts of his quest for perfection.

AB Rollings officially opens his doors to clients from all over, on Friday 8 December, 2017, with its show room located inside the City Mall, Onikan Lagos Island, with an offer for a whopping 20% discount on all goods purchased. This we learnt is a way to appreciate his clientele and encourage them to be fashionable even without having to tear their pockets.

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