Chief Osita Chidoka

…Kicks-In Simultaneous Door-To-Door Grassroots Campaign

Frontline contender and candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in the November 18, 2017 Anambra governorship election, Chief Osita Chidoka has said the peoples’ quest for a government that best represents their voice and interest, and not the so-called ‘incumbency factor’ or ‘federal might’, will determine the outcome of the election.

Speaking on Sunday, on the heels of a high profile meeting of critical stakeholders from across the 21 Local Government Areas and 326 electoral wards of the state, Chidoka said there is already a consensus that he and the UPP best represent the interest and voice of ndi Anambra and the southeast region in general in their quest for self-affirmation noting that such, in addition to his unparalleled plans and programmes, would determine the direction of votes.

“INEC has given us assurances that they will use electronic transmission of votes; so the votes will count and because the votes will count, we know that what will happen in Anambra will be an issue of who has the best ground operation.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are an incumbent or not, or whether you have the so-called federal might. What will matter in this election is who the voters best feel an affinity for; who they think best represents them.

“There is a clear consensus among the people in Anambra that Osita Chidoka is the best candidate in this election. There is a consensus that Osita Chidoka will best represent the voice of ndi Anambra and the voice of ndi Igbo in Nigeria. Ndi Anambra knows the candidate that has the best plans and programmes to move their state forward. I believe these will be the deciding factors come November 18″, he said.

The UPP candidate whose campaign has the highest grassroots reach across the state however announced the commencement of a critical phase of his electioneering, the door-to-door and person-to-person mobilization in a bid to directly reach all registered voters in the state.

He said the next phase of his campaign’s ground operation, which kicks-in fully on Monday, will involve a massive deployment of volunteers and supporters for yet another round of intensive mobilization to reach all registered voters across all polling units, ahead of the polls.

 Currently, Chidoka is leading in public acceptability as the best candidate ahead of the polls due largely, to his operable and clear-cut plans and programmes as well as his courage in speaking out on issues of marginalization and inequity against the southeast.


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