Delta Community sends Save-our-Soul to Oborevwori, NNDC over state of road

Residents of Ubulubu community in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State have sent a save-our-soul message to Delta State Governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori and the Chairman of Niger Delta Development Corporation (NDDC) board, Mr. Chiedu Ebie over the decayed state of the only major road that leads to the village from Obomkpa.

Ubulubu, a typically agrarian community and food basket of sort in the axis is a town in Aniocha North, Delta State. Ubulubu is situated nearby to the towns of Achaca-Ezi and Obomkpa.

Indigenes of Ubulubu are predominantly farmers, even though their children are scattered all over the world in search of greener pastures.Regrettably the only access road to their community, is in a very deplorable condition.

They have been totally cut off from other communities. Their farm produce cannot be transported to the markets in the LGA capital where they are needed. It is no longer news that their elderly, the sick, non-courageous, weaklings and their children cannot attempt to access the road, as passing through, is like walking through the valley of death. Only the courageous and strong youths can access the road using Bicycle and Motorcycle.

Many people have been sent to their early graves, while others, who were lucky to survive accidental falls on the dilapidated road, broke their limps, and ended up in the bonesetter’s homes or orthopedic hospitals.

Their children in the diaspora have refused to return homes, during festive seasons, especially Christmas, New year, Easter, and their annual traditional New yarm festivals obviously due to the bad road.

“The Ubulubu – Ogordo Road is a no-go-area. Ubulubu- Ezi Road has been abandoned since the military rigime. Some say it’s a state road. Others say it’s under NDDC.

“The LGA is doing nothing about it. In 2022, the community footed the grading.
It leads to Ogodor in Aniocha-North, and links to many Edo farming communities and a major source of food for Issele-Uku market.

“The major harm is that when the rains come down, annually, food supplies are cut off from getting to the consumers. That government should link the villages to the major market at Issele-Uku, probably dam River Utor at Ubulubu, for power supply.” A former President General of the community, Richard Onyegasi said.

Another road user said: “My heart bleeds each time I remember Obomkpa-Ubulubu-Ogordo road. I kept asking, what crime have the people of Ubulubu and Ogordo committed against the Aniocha north local government and delta state government. These are people that voted the government into office.

“These two communities are unaccessible due to bad road. It is my earnest prayer that when voted as the next chairman of Aniocha North, I am going to start up work with Ubulubu road. It is time we change the narratives.” Emeka Okolo, a chairmanship aspirant for the LGA who is from a nearby Onicha-Olona said.

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