Sat Guru Marahaji

…asks for arrest of Miyetti Allah leaders


Leader of the One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, has lent his voice to the call for a state police, as a veritable check against untamed criminal activities in various local communities across the country.

Maharaj ji spoke on Thursday at the One Love Family village on in Ibadan, along the Lagos Ibadan expressway, to round off the c38th year anniversary of his appearance as “the Living Perfect Master.”

He said, “Rightly, one of the prominent items on the contemporary demand-list of Nigerians is the establishment of state police institutions.”

He added that Nigeria’s adoption of the federal system of geo-political administrations “speaks favourably to the idea of availing its constituent states the liberty to own and operate police institutions in their respective domains.

“Outside the underlining principles of federalism whose core ideology is partly semi-autonomy of federating states is the fact that Nigeria has sociologically evolved beyond the operational capacity of a centralised police system.”

The spiritual leader added that a centralised police system was a colonial heritage that was functionally favourable to the British determination to whip and subjugate Nigerians into whatever shape London’s oppressive disposition on our land demanded.

On the spate of Fulani herdsmen attacks, especially in the middle belt areas, Maharaj Ji called on the Federal Government to immediately order the arrest of leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, that had openly claimed responsibility for heinous killings to settle scores.

“Why is the government not responding to the criminality of Fulani murderers the way it did in the Niger Delta against agitators who did not kill but only touched machines and equipment to demand for decent condition of living?” He asked.