Written By Oluwatoyin Mathnuel

It was an emotional, sad/joyful gathering at Eko Hotels and suite as the Air Peace Airline Boss, Dr Allen Onyema put smiles on the faces of Nigeria’s forgotten athletics heroes of the 80s Green Eagle squad as well as the 1976 Olympians whose dreams were shattered by the then milliary regime.

The Legal Practitioner turned Airline guru could not but confess to the media his unconditional love for his country Nigeria as One Nation. He defined the effect of the July 28th, 2023 Investiture and award presentations of these forgotten Nigeria athletes as an act of nation-building regardless of ethnicity, tribe or religion as well as reminding the younger Nigeria Athletes home and abroad that their commitments to their fatherland can not be forgotten.

It was an echo of praises and an endless standing ovation from the audience and the athletes though not as agile as they used to be, some with their crane managed to stand to appraise Barr. Onyema as he pronounced a lifetime benefit of a return ticket of a business class trip to any of the African or European countries of their choice as well as a token of 1.5 million Naira each to the living and the dead athletes.

These athletes were emotionally moved by the Air Peace Boss’ kind gesture as the aged then Green Eagles goalkeeper Emmanuel Okala’s tears of joy were obviously noticed by INSIGHT GLOBAL NEWS Editor, his crane at the right hand and napkins clearing his tears of joy at the left, late Jide Dina and Muda Lawal’s daughters were also moved to tears in a brief chat with the media as both and others prayed whole heatedly for Dr. Onyema for such remembrance with the belief that his kind gesture has risen hope for their immediate families.
Dr Allen Onyema’s philanthropic act as a true Nigeria has gone a long way: It will be recalled that years back in 2019 to be precise, The Air Peace Boss showcased his loyalty to his native land Nigeria as he single-handedly brought back Nigerians under South Africa Xenovobia act, late last year during a President Mohamed Buhari’s government as well, Dr Onyema also proved his faithfulness of one Nigeria evacuated trapped Nigerians in Ukraine in faraway Russia.
For all being a living testimony of Friday, July, 28th 2023 event, was no doubt convinced that Dr Allen Onyema is an exceptional Nigerian whose bond for his native land can not be broken as the Air Peace Boss concluded by imploring President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Co- operate bodies and eminent Nigerians to make these athletes’ welfare paramount as well as call on the young and active Nigeria athletes that their labour and commitment to their fatherland can not go unrewarded.

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