The sad and sudden death of my wife, Mrs Adenike Helen Adebisi which occurred minutes after 5am on Thursday 13th April, 2023 after she complained of shortness of breath in the presence of the father, mother and myself ( husband), came in the family as one of the tribulations of this world that the holy scripture spoke of when it says: Many are the afflictions of the righteous.
The families of Adebisi and Adewunmi know that the gift of God to mankind is eternal life and equally recognize that trials and distresses are not something uncommon in life; as they are part of what it means to be human in a fallen world.
Our beloved wife and sister, Mrs Adenike Helen Adebisi nee Adewunmi was healthy, has no medical complication or ill. She was full of life until the early morning of Thursday, 13th, April when she complained of shortness of breath. That she died shortly after, remains a misery to the entire family.
My wife gave birth over two decades ago but it pleased the Lord to call the child home before her. Unfortunately, my wife, who was expected to be safely delivered of a baby in a matter of days, died with her baby this time. We can not question God, why He allowed this to happen.
A strong believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ and a strong woman of faith, she was a virtuous woman, hardworking, caring and lively.
The husband and family are pained by her exit from the world but are equally assured that the eyes of God runs to and fro through out the whole earth to show Himself that He is God.
May her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord until we see again on the resurrection day
Adeyemi Adebisi ( Husband)
for the family

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