This is an initiative of Teachers Without Borders (TWB), Bayelsa State in collaboration with Ministry of Education. The Computers-in-Schools project is a global program, but local-focused initiative being introduced in Bayelsa State to promote and enhance Information and Communication Technology Education in Schools all over the State.
Philip Jeremiah Eke the Coordinator, Bayelsa State Computers in Schools Project who is also the State Executive Director Teachers without Borders, Bayelsa State, said the new millennium is the era of Information Communication Technology and all people need to be introduced to the fundamentals of living in the information age. Computer literacy and operations, has become the foundation for useful living and empowerment, else pupils and students cannot be exempted in this global trend.
Eke, equally underscored the aims and objectives of Bayelsa State Computers in schools programme. He said the program is well underway to promote the introduction and use of Computers in our schools in making computer education compulsory in primary and secondary schools in Bayelsa State.
Also, to advocate the building of a culture of peace using ICT as an empowerment for peace effort, moreso, alleviation of poverty in our society through equipping schools with computers to teach the needed skills, creation of information access through internet services as a core fundamental basis.
The computer boss equally noted the mobilization of materials (computers and Information Technology) from donors to Schools in Bayelsa State, schools-to-school linkages with schools within and outside Nigeria (Exchange programme). Furthermore, formation of information and communication technology clubs for youths and students as a way of engaging them and re-directing their potentials for good and research methodology for development.
Also, conveying of periodic seminars, conferences and workshops on Teach Computers in Schools, the Computers-in-schools programme is an initiative that requires the partnership of government, corporate organizations, schools, youths and the society in general, the project which has been approved by Ministry of Education is a commendable fit, while we invite you to join us to build the millennial task of empowering our schools to train responsible citizens for the state and the nation at large, stressing that education is a collective responsibility noting that all hands must be on deck in ensuring qualitative education in Bayelsa State.

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