Mr.Babandede CG.immigration

The senior officer’s promotion list which was approved by the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prison Service Board (CDFIPB) at its 59th meeting held on the 16th January, 2018 has a total of 5070 newly promoted officers which comprises 23 Assistant Comptrollers General (ACG) and 58 Comptrollers of Immigration Service (CIS)

The further breakdown of the promotion list has 79 Deputy Comptrollers of Immigration (DCI), 269 Assistant Comptrollers of Immigration (ACI) and 249 Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI). Others are 662 Superintendent of Immigration (SI), 423 Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI), 152 Assistant Superintendent of Immigration 1 (ASI1) and 108 Assistant Superintendent of Immigration 2 (ASI2). Also on the list are 100 Chief Inspectors of Immigration 1 (CII1), 187 Chief Inspectors of Immigration (CII), 233 Deputy Chief Inspectors of Immigration (DCII), 363 Assistant Chief Inspectors of Immigration (ACII), 409 Principal Inspectors of Immigration (PII), and 1757 Senior Inspectors of Immigration (SII). On the Junior Cadre, the list as approved by the Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI) has a total of 3751 Men who were promoted to the next ranks.

In a statement signed and made available to journalists by NIS spokesperson, S. James, the Comptroller General of Immigration Muhammad Babandede MFR congratulated the newly promoted Officers and Men and urged them to key into the change agenda of the Federal Government as promotion entails more commitment and hard work.

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