Facebook user named Toyin has called out her Nigerian-based tenant who has owed over 2-years rent. She stated in her post that the occupant, Clement Odum, who occupies of her properties at 27 Akowonjo road, Egbeda, Lagos, and has refused to pay up his rent in the last two years, has refused topick her calls and sometimes take verbal attack whenever she gets across. Read her post below;


Since he wants us to do things the hard way…Here we go. Whoever knows this man, Mr Clement Odum should pls tell him to pay his rent. He is owing more than 2 years rent, and has no intention of paying whatsoever since he never reaches out to me.

A quit notice was served 2 years ago, but he begged and begged and we let him stay. I am the one who calls him and have been reaching out to him since last year with no avail. All this man does is make fake promises; if he’s not getting married, then he’s having a baby or having a funeral or whatnot, and I am tired!!!

This idiot even insulted me at some point ( imagine the balls he got)…Mtscheeeewww!!! All my efforts to contact him since 5 months have proven abortive; it’s either his wife picks the phone and lies for him or no response, and now they don’t even pick up anymore. This man is a fraud, and an irresponsible human being that doesn’t humble himself hence my decision to put him on blast. I don’t need his rent to feed myself, but I have people who depend on that money for academic purposes, and he knows it. Pls tell him to pay his rent!!!

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