The statement credited to the Olori of Ife, Wuraola Zainab Ogunwusi has attracted cold reactions from women folks who are feminist progenitors and sympathisers.

Olori Wuraola had dais while giving a speech recently in the United States that the role of women and men in the society are expressly different and as such there should not be a ny cause of equating the two gender.

She has since come under media attack as most women think that her opinion is insensitive to the plight of the women folks.

However, two popular media experts and showbiz personalities have come out in her defence making it clear that she couldn’t be more correct in her words.

Veteran Hip Hop art and promoter, Dare Fasasi wrote on his Facebook

If you think deep, you will understand the dynamics of nature , the role of queens will never be perform by a king , God created us in our uniqueness for a purpose, Black queens know your role and understand your purpose as our mothers, our sisters, our wives and our queens, don,t get deceived by the fallen angel, the enemy of man wants you to compete and make enemies with your men .
Gender equality is deceptive , men and women are not the same , a woman is never less to a man and neither can both genders be equal, follow Gods( the creators) manual on this and other issue and you shall never be led astray , well said Olori.
Ramadam kareem to the people of faith.

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