Barrister Amosa Ahmad Aliyu

Blessing be unto His name, the Lord of wonders, the Sole Creator of all creatures and one who alone understands His styles of creations.

For some months past, I have been emotionally crying of finding a whole night to ponder and write on who exactly this man of God ( Pastor GABRIEL AGBALA ) is.

Packing away any religious sentiment or Faith Fighting, no one will conclude less, than frankly affirm the divine uniqueness of God in that name, “GABRIEL”. Hence, no religion, Islam or Christianity has ever been seen or heard contesting the mysterious and wonderful nature of angel Gabriel ( Jibril ) as an angel of goodies and good tidings.

Truly, it is understandable that, Angel Gabril is not a human creation like ours but his specially divine endowments can still be felt through some men of God like this humble pastor Gabriel Agbala, who holds the ideology of putting Divinity and humanity above religiousity in his dealings. Plethora of facts to the above assertion has been very obvious and glaring even to the blinds, through his countless philanthropic gestures extended accross to both Muslims and Christians.

This should not be seen as praises nor eulogies of his person but an appreciation to God who has willfully chose him among many other numerous to put smiles and laughter to the lives of many tearful families who have for long hopelessly accepted their own forceful fates.

However, notwithstanding this valour, I’m only scared of untimely death, this which I heartily pray will never be his portion nor any of his households and we lovers. A more long and healthy life full of abundant wealth overwhelmed with God’s tranquility shall forever follow him and extend towards his born and unborn progeny.

This is therefore an eye-opener to us all that, no matter the worst level of this period, men of God still exists. we must never forget that, this man is not that rich compared to many purported and acclaimed Islamic/Christian clerics out there who only the language understood by them is “COLLECT AND CONCEAL” having no value humanitarianly traceable to them.

I therefore beseech God’s forgiveness and protection on him, his family against any attack of the devils and evils, seen and unseen and bless him with more of heavenly mercies !!!

On behalf of all grateful individuals, I hereby say thank you and God bless you.

Pls, let’s appreciate him by sending this across the whole groups.

I’m an Ilorin Emirate born and bread young lawyer.

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