Cheif Olabode George
Cheif Olabode George

I am an ardent and unrepentant supporter of opposition politics. I believe a vibrant opposition is the biggest back-bone of a vibrant democracy. For all government in power have the tendency to veer-off; to under-perform; to take the masses for granted, and above all to become dictatorial, corrupted and power drunk.

A vibrant opposition pushes the government in power to performance- overreaching itself to satisfy the electorate. That was the role of the APC in those days. That was what got us here…

A weak opposition however is lose-lose for the polity. It wrecks the ship of the state. The current condition of PDP as the opposition party can only spell doom for our country. We need a vibrant opposition. QED!

It is undisputed that the leader of the opposition must be a seasoned politician, a bold tactician, an experienced gladiator. He must have polish and grit in equal proportion. He must understand the issues and must have the stomach for the ‘fight’. He must have sufficient charm and bullshit!

Chief Bode George ticked all the above boxes. He had evolved through the ranks of the party: Vice-Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Director-General, Chairman of committees. I don’t know anyone more qualified to run PDP than Chief Bode George.

In 2002, I was privileged to work with Chief Bode George running throughout the Southwest selling the PDP. The man toured the six states many times over in three months! There was no ward, no local government area we didn’t touch. BG has stamina, passion and commitment. And the result was the ‘over-run’ of the southwest in the 2003 general elections.

I am sure Chief Bode George can rebuild the PDP. I am sure he knows exactly what to do. Whom to see. Where to go. He will hit the grounds running…

The cheap propaganda to the effect that he was a convict is not only diversionary but reactionary. It is insipid. Who doesn’t have a past? How can we reduce everything Bode George to just one incidence. Were there not many ex-convicts who later rose to become great leaders: even in our history as a nation. And to even countenance the quashing of his conviction and his pardon by the FG.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The PDP Chair is not for a saint-there are no saints anywhere. The Chair needs BG’s clout and temperament. It needs his experience and skills.

BG can give Nigeria a vibrant opposition party. I AM FOR THAT…