Gani Adams Aare Onakakanfo Of Yorubaland
Gani Adams
Aare Onakakanfo Of Yorubaland


………Chief Bar Olukunle Akanbi.  Secretary Council of Oba’s in Diaspora

By kehinde Emmanuel, ilorin

The Council of Yoruba Oba in a diaspora, an association of Yoruba traditional rulers on Friday warned the Aare Onokakanfo of Yorubaland,  Gani Adams to desist from ridiculing the traditional institution.

The council in a statement sent its secretary  Mr Olukunle Akanbi said that Adams’ unguided utterances were capable of dragging the institutions both in Nigeria and abroad into the mud.

The statement made available to the Daily Times, in Ilorin on Friday said that Gani Adams needed to be educated about the ways and manners the Obas in diaspora were promoting the images of Yoruba and Nigeria  by extension.

> The Daily Times, reports that the council was reacting to Adams’condemnation of Oba title abroad.

The statement blamed the recently installed Aree Onakakanfo for creating disunity and problem among Yoruba in Nigeria and in diaspora, wondered when he became the spokesman for the Yoruba traditional council in Nigeria.

“In this modern age, one should do everything humanly possible within its capacity to project its cultural heritage, both norms and values, so that history will be kind to him or her.

“Any culture that refuses to be promoted and well placed would go into extinction in the next 50years.

“If In this case, when some notable Yorubas in diaspora position themselves in different countries of the world to promote our cultural heritage, kudos should be given to them.

“Some people like you who cannot reason or think beyond the box, but believe that they can say anything to rubbish Yorubas in the diaspora.

“It is good you know that we are not political dogs like you and you must think twice and guide your utterances”, the statement read.> The council noted Gani Adams should not take a swipe at the council as there were Yoruba Obas in some states of the Northern Nigeria.

“From time immemorial, we have Yorubas spreads across the globe dwelling happily with their traditional leaders (Obas) .

“We have Yorubas in Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Cote D, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Gambia, Brazil ,Cuba , Trinidad and Tobago etc. Now, any position or title that would not make Yoruba race more peaceful than before, is totally uncalled for.

“Right in Nigeria, outside Western region or Southwest geopolitical zone we have many Yoruba Obas who are promoting our cultural heritage.

“We have Oba of Yoruba in Abuja, Adamawa, Kano , Yobe just to mention few”, explained the statement.

According to the release, it is traditionally and culturally wise for Yoruba settlers to have a traditional leaders wherever they found themselves.

The statement stated that Adams should be aware that no everybody would join his Odua Progressives Union abroad.

It advised the traditional title holders to be more civil and cultured in his utterances to reflect the esteemed honour bestowed on him.

It said “Gani Adams needs to be schooled about the migrations of the Yoruba’s long ago  before he was born. “Gani Adams needs to conduct research  on the existence of Yoruba Obaship from the onset to guide his thoughts.

“We are not out to join issues with Gani because we work hard to earn a living that has enhance our status where we find ourselves.

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