Gumi negotating with the bandit and kidnappers


The founder of  One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj ji, has called on President Muhammed Buhari to declare Myetti Allah, Sheikh Gumi and El Rufai  as terrorists.

Speaking with journalisht at a press conference in Lagos, Satguru Maharaj Ji posited that the federal government should declare Myetti Allah as terrorists group due to their recent activities.

Maharaj Ji said: ” There is urgent need to declare Myetti group and its leadership, Gumi and El-Rufai and company as terrorists, particularly El- Rufai to stop the carnage going on in Kaduna State.

On #EndSARS saga, Maharaj Ji advised the governors of all thirty- six states of the federation to compensate the victims so as to gain people’s cofendence back.

“The governors of the 36 states should take urgent steps to pay the compensation recommended for the #EndSARS victims  in order to attract public confidence that they are the chief security officer of their states and that they believe strongly in the constitution to protect the citizenry against any oppression”

While speaking on the Apapa gridlock, the Living Perfect Master asked President Buhari to give a former retired director of transport, Ministry of Transport in Abuja Mr. A Enwezor the opportunity to clear the gridlock.

On the foreign scene, Maharaj Ji warned against coups saying ” we have witnessed coups in Mali, Guinea, Sudan etc and would wish sister countries not to oppose or sanction them instead, we should call for dialogue and understanding to gradually settle such issues which are caused by agent of colonial masters who are bent in causing confusion in the Africa continent in order to perpetuate their grip on the  resources through machinery and all kinds of dubious propaganda and monetary offers”

Maharajj ji also called on the Federal Government that there is the need for the recruitment of more policemen/women and the soldiers in order to reduce the high level of insecurity in the country.

He said he would want the Federal Government to take steps to recruit three millions policemen and women to beef up the number of Police in the country.

Maharaj Ji also condemned the present situation where the Army is made to carry out the services of the police , saying this is due to shortage in the number of policemen to carry out the protection of the civil populace.

His words: ” We would like to recommend to the Federal Government to take steps to recruit three million Policemen and women among the High Schools, Polytechnics, and University graduates roaming about the cities jobless on an entry salary of N250,000 per month with minimum of one bedroom Flat or bigger accommodation according to the family of the recruit”.

” In the same way, the Nigerian Army should open its doors for more recruits at an entry salary of N350,000 per month with minimum of one bedroom Flat or bigger Flat according to the size of the family of the recruit”.

Maharajj ji also called for the revitalisation of the esprit de corps of the Army with their involvement in more games such as Draft, Chess among others, saying,  soldiers should be allowed to come together to realise that they are Nigerians and children of the same father united to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

He also urges the government to publish the names of those convicted for fraud in order to discourage fraudulent activities in the country.

” There is the urgent need for the Federal Government to publish names of those convicted for fraud so that we can know the true Nigerians ready to patiently grow naturally to help grow Nigeria from those bent on stealing/diverting funds for infrastructure into their pockets in order to stop those who may like to steal in future”.