Desmond Elliot

Nollywood actor and member of the Lagos State House of Assembly Desmond Elliot on Friday advised his colleagues at the assembly to listen to the people in the call for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force.

During plenary, the politician stood with the public on the #EndSARS protest, saying: “If the unit we set up is not working for the people and the people are calling for it to be disbanded then let us do what they are saying.

“Because the truth is you can’t just arrest people along the road because of the hair they wear or they are carrying laptops.

“That is not to say we don’t have bad people, but yes because of the lack of training on how to deal civilly with people we now come to have what SARS is today.

“So, I am in alignment with the prayers of the deputy speaker and I feel that we should do that expeditiously.”

Some #EndSARS protesters led by social media comedian Mr Macaroni had kept vigil on Thursday at the entrance of the Lagos State House of Assembly and demanded immediate disbandment of SARS.