The  Speaker of Lagos state house of assembly Rt. Hon. Mudasiru Obasa received two awards  in a space of two hours on  Monday, August 9. Interestingly the first came from the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce (LCCI) and the second came from the Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Cab Operators Association with an estimated 12,000 members.

If nothing, these two awards are proofs that at the Lagos State House of Assembly, we have remained on the right track with the people, our constituents being the focal points of our thoughts and actions.

Lagos has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Constant growth and development, as a result of credible and sustained leadership pattern, has been witnessed in many areas, the economy of the state continues to grow even in the face of general economic challenges.

I am excited that the Lagos business environment appreciates our efforts. This much was confirmed by the President of the LCCI, Mrs. Toki Mabogunje, when she said we at the Lagos Assembly have passed bills and motions that have helped to create the right environment for businesses to thrive in the state.

Like I told her and her team yesterday, our proactive efforts birthed the Security Trust Fund and the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps to assist the police maintain law and order. Lagos, today, is one of the safest states in the federation.

As we struggle to keep Lagos flying high (our dream is to make it surpass being one of the largest economies in Africa to one that would compete with some of the world’s best), we will continue to collaborate with the business and other sectors of the state to achieve our collective goals.

God bless our dear State.