Sen. Remi Tinubu

By Obafemi Babajide

Leadership anywhere in the world is a serious business, you need a sincere re-orientation and an enormous character re-programming and re-arrangements.

As a leader, people watch you keenly, your errors are louder and more magnified than your positives. Take, for example, a leader or ruler who lives on revamping and rebuilding progressively may not draw as much traffic of commendations at the time he does so much good; just wait till he/she takes or makes a wrong decision or approach, he/she goes viral like a quietly released human pollute in a densely air-conditioned board room where all maybe going well initially. The foul smell stays stuck, even when the bomb detonator is no longer there, the foul smell never goes away. Such is small negativity in the life of a leader, especially a soaring one like the Tinubus, Fasholas and co.

Senator Oluremi has had some unmanaged gaffes that could spell doom in so many ways to her and her husband’s soaring popularity and acceptance. For me, I think she either needs to always take a deep breath, resample he thoughts and responses or she should rather go for anger management training, public speaking and responses or any other salient courses that can help her manage her ego and status.

How can Senator Tinubu in this age of social media go so uncouth as to calling someone you do not know a thug?

If she has the ranks and file of those Lagos politicians who wait on her husband under her footstep, what about pretending to be receptive and reasonable so that she can help her husband get inroads to other parts of Nigeria for his 2023 political ambition.

The other time, it was the same woman that was addlipping at the background in a viral video of Senator Smart Adeyemi’s vituperation about the insecurity state of the nation.

The same woman did not follow the principle of washing your dirty linings inside your house when she openly confronted BRF for employment slots on the floor of the National assembly during his ministerial screening.

Is it not this same woman that refused to shake Saraki because he became senate president against their will when she was been sworn in in 2015 for her second term in office? The same woman had a brawl with Dino Melaiye at a point on the floor of the Senate some time ago.

It appears that we may be having another Alain Ngalani the kickboxing queen in the making as the First Lady of our nation if this awful behaviour is not nipped in the bud.

The most comforting part of the video for me was the other woman’s quick response to the duchess uncouth sneer. She, not minding who Senator Oluremi is returned the savo, bullet for bullet and that settles it.

“Abi iru katikati wo ni anty Remi nse kiri bayi?

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