Chief Fanimokun President,Eko Club

The Court of Appeal, Lagos, has dismissed the case filed by the Eko Club Board of Trustees and Guardian Council of Eko Club against  developmental Economist  Chief Babatunde Fanimokun to re-contest as President .

Fanimokun was the President of Eko Club from February 2017 to February 2019. While he attempted to vie for a third term, Eko Club and the Guardian Council refuted his proposal.

Meanwhile, Guardian Council of the Club and board of trustee supported the candidature of Dr. Shamsideen Ade Dosumu as their preferred choice.

Last March, Fanimokun went to court to challenge their action. Judgement favoured him at High Court. However, the Board of Trustees and Guardian Council challenged the judgement  at Court of Appeal.

Again, judgement was in Fanimokun’s favour as the Judge, Hon. Justice Otisi, dismissed the appeal. At the hearing, the presiding judge said she supported the conclusion of the former judge.