…………Thanks Nigeriansfor Your Prayers

Ngozi Ekhator with PRNigeria report

Detained leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), popularly known as Shiite Group, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has thanked Nigerians for their continued prayers for him since his detention in 2015. He spoken to the press in a brief interaction in aqbuja on Saturday afternoon.

He was allowed about two minutes to have a face-to-face interaction with the media ostensibly to dispel the trending rumour of his death in detention.

PRNigeria provides the following transcript from the one-minute, 20 seconds interaction the Sheikh El-Zakzaky had with journalists at a safe facility in Abuja.

According to PRNigeria, the Sheikh walked towards the journalists in a white flowing gown with turban while the newsmen also moved towards him and shared jokes.

This is the report of the short encounter:

Journalist: Good Afternoon sir.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: How are you?

Journalist: Can we have a word with you?

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: If they agree and allow me (he says so jokingly).

Journalist: How are you feeling now?

Sheik El-Zakzaky: I am feeling better, the security (officers) have allowed me to see my doctor, my personal doctor. I thank God. I am improving .

Journalist: Do you have anything to add.

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: I thank you for all your prayers.

Journalist: Thank you sir

Sheikh El-Zakzaky: Thanks (As he walked away)

*Transcript by PRNigeria

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