“See What They Did to my Office” – Yemisi Shyllon

yemisi shyllon

“Below are images of my Lekki investment office complex, that was burnt down in the last protests,  by rioters.  Yet I  was never and I am not a  government employee, nor a  contract awarding or benefiary, of any sort. My life long career was always in the private sector and  only selflessly served  in absolutely zero  earning none executive capacities as chairman and member of some  statutory boards. In such none executive capacities, I  left behind,  observable selfless and  verifiable  legacies behind, where served. I also built people,  while so serving selflessly.  I am now forced to wonder whether  this is the kind of  reward, that patroits should  expect   from our  country and  people. “

-Yemisi Shyllon.