Adams Oshiomole Former APC Chairman


By kehinde Emmanuel, ilorin

Adams Oshiomole
APC Chairman

Former House of representatives in the National Assembly, and former Special adviser to the Senate President on Inter  parliamentarary has joined the Kwara state governorship race under All Progressives Congress( APC,) in the state.

Mashood, who was a former aids to Senate president join race on Monday in Ilorin unveiled his blueprint with a promise to focus on five cardinal programmes to better the lots of the people and restore the state to its place of pride.

He said his administration if elected, would prioritise infrastructural development, security, education and economic empowerment as encapsulated in his strategic agenda for the state.

The governorship hopeful said that his humble background had afforded him the opportunity to analyse challenges facing less privileged in the society, promising that his coming would usher in a new deal to make life better for the poor, especially women and the youth.

He also said that his administration would see to the formation of a committee implementation  in each of wards in the state with  resolve infrastructural and related challenges at the grassroots.

He similarly spoke of his administration intends to introduce health-enhancing programmes to bring succour, curb mortality rate and frequency of outbreak of epidemics and other endemic diseases, especially malaria and typhoid.

“I wish to leave no one in doubt about where I am coming from and my passionate determination to initiate a clean break for our people, particularly youth and women to usher in a New Deal, which will make life better for the poor and brighter present and future for our youth and women, which should be the number one responsibility of government whether in budget, projects, policies, year in, year out.

“I will start the process as the son of the painter and food vendor who will open the Government House exclusive chambers and the entire known and unknown budget and other resources of Kwara State to the access, knowledge and full benefit of the majority population of fellow children of nobody and their unknown but humble, hardworking and long-suffering parents. This is the very essence of voting for me as one of you.

“Today, I am unveiling my strategic blueprint, comprehensive with all the relevant data to back up the policies and programmes I vow to execute as soon as you vote me into office. By so doing, I am exhibiting a genuine eagerness and meticulous preparedness to deliver as pledged.

“In fact, I have raised the bar by getting set and ready to go even before I am declared a candidate, a reflection of the confidence I repose in the people, who can rest assured that there is one of us, who knows where the shoe pinches and how to eliminate any skin pain of living”, he said.

On civil service welfare, the governorship hopeful disclosed that his administration would review minimum wage from a more realistic and commensurate perspective to make civil servants more confident and willing to give their best in the state service.

“All pending contentious issues including promotions affecting the performance and morale of civil servants in the state will be brought up for accelerated resolution as soon as we are elected in to office come 2019.