Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola(SAN). Minister for works,power and housing
Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola(SAN).
Minister for works,power and housing

“…I’m confident we’ll meet President’s 10,000MW target, overcome temporary energy crisis ,”says  Minister

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing  Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN on Thursday presided at the historic signing of agreements between  the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) and Aba Power Limited to end a three –  year dispute that had stalled  the completion of a 141 MW Power Project for the area.

Speaking after witnessing the signing of the agreements between Aba Power Limited and Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Plc and Interstate Electricity Limited on the other, Fashola expressed confidence that the temporary energy crisis facing the country will be overcome and the target of 10,000MW set by President Muhammadu  Buhari met.

While making an appeal that everybody must contribute to solve the problem rather than being a part of the problem, the Minister said with such Landmark resolution of a three year old dispute that had stalled the completion of a critical power project in the South East and the recovery of four turbines that were hitherto down in Jebba, he was certain that the country’s power challenges can be overcome.

Speaking on the resolution of the three – year old dispute, Fashola said “ a very momentous milestone”, had just been witnessed adding that the venue of the event was crowded because it was also being used for a meeting on the Energy Mix being developed for the country.

Commenting on the calibre of people involved in brokering the truce on both sides, the Minister declared: “ I think it is important to see that two people who have served this country as Minister are on different sides of the fence, Prince Tokunbo Kayode SAN and Professor Barth Nnaji and it’s also interesting that the Vice President Professor  Yemi  Osinbajo SAN to whom  l must show appreciation for not only initiating this process but for trusting our Ministry with the responsibility to see it through, our gratitude to him is deep and profound”.

Fashola noted that though courts may be the right place to resolve disputes ,common sense will make more meaning to the people of Aba and to the traders in Ariaria, who would benefit immensely from the resolution of the dispute.

Noting that the development would also be a major boost for “Made in Nigeria “ goods for which the markets in the area had been famous, Fashola said that it also made common sense to realise that the electricity market was  beginning to evolve with the  private entrepreneurship phase being just two years and a few months old.

“A lot of things will happen like l explained that we may not even contemplate and one of them has happened today, it shows that within one DisCo there can be two players there and so for me even in spite of the energy crisis that we seem to be going through which is very temporary, we will turn this course, l see many more blessings and l see more opportunities round the corner and one of this is that investments worth over 500 million dollars into the region can feel save,” he said.


Speaking further on the significance of the event, Fashola said with the prospects of power being delivered from the project soon, it was good to have peace and productivity rather than flexing muscle over an asset that was not working adding that he had more cheering news from the Sector. ”l think this are some of the silver lining on the clouds of our energy crisis, again yesterday morning (Wednesday), we had some outages on our turbines in Jebba but l am happy to inform you that three of the four have been put back into operation and that there is again stability in the system.”

Noting the importance of the Aba project, the Minister said, “Again it is  important that the power coming from Aba is defining, like l said the power coming into the country is not  enough and how do you share what is not enough, it is not possible, so what we need to do is generate more power.  The 200 megawatts coming from Aba is very important and it’s good news for the market,” adding that one of the country’s power plants  close to completion (Gbarain in Bayelsa State ) was fired last night for pre-commissioning tests.

“The first turbine is on and is being synchronised and that is what we are saying and with incremental power we will achieve the target set by Mr.  President in his speech last week.”

While thanking the permanent Secretary of the Ministry Mr. Loius Edozien for working arduously to realise the truce with all the parties, Fashola also acknowledged, former President General Abdulsalami Abubakar for his vital intervention at a critical moment.

The Minister concluded by urging everyone to contribute than being part of the problem.  “I think it is appropriate that l end here because everybody must contribute to ensure that we achieve our aims so that we can reduce the number of people being the problem like vandals of electricity installation and sellers of stolen cables, those are problems of yesterday, we need to  move forward.”

In their respective remarks after signing the copies of the agreement, the representatives of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PIc, Prince Adetokunbo kayoed SAN  and Geometric Power Limited, Professor Bart Nnaji commended the Minister for brokering the truce even as they also thanked the president and the Vice President of the Country as well as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

“We know the importance of power and the efforts that the government and the Minister is putting into it.  Over the weekend l listened to the Minister’s sermon on you tube on his views about the power sector, l call it a sermon because it’s not only about today but also addressed to the future  generations.  It also shows that he understands the various multi faceted challenges facing  the  power sector.  All of us must understand that power is big business and must move away from litigation and do the business of power,” Adetokunbo said.

Prof. Barth Nnaji underscored the significance  of the occasion thus: “today to us is a historic day and it is historic because a sector that is largely driven by the private sector has its first major crisis resolved and l think it is wonderful that this has been done by the efforts of the minister and this administration.”

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) and Aba Power Limited dispute which was resolved had dragged on for  three years  leading to two court cases and the denial of 141MW to the people, businesses and industries of Aba. The additional power would have helped transform their lives for the better.


On May 11 2004 Geometric Power Limited (GP) had entered into a memorandum of understanding to build a power station at Aba that would be dedicated to supplying consumers, businesses and industries in Aba.

In April 2005 GP and its sister company Aba Power Limited (APL) signed an agreement with FGN and then NEPA to formalize the arrangement. When PHCN was created out of NEPA and unbundled, pursuant to the EPSR Act a Supplemental Agreement was made in 2006 with PHCN, TCN and EEDC to :

– lease to APL the distribution facilities in Aba and Ariaria business units of EEDC covering 9 out of the 17 local government areas of Abia state.

– permit Geometric Power to supply electricity to the leased or ring-fenced area

– grant a right of first refusal to APL to purchase the ring-fenced franchise should FGN sell EEDC.

In recognition of this arrangement, in 2006 BPE registered Aba Electricity Distribution Company Ltd as a 12th successor distribution company.

GP and its partners have since invested in the construction of a 141MW power station at Aba. It is nearing completion. APL has since invested in and completed 95% of a major the upgrade of the distribution facilities in the area to receive the power.

The dispute arose when BPE privatized EEDC and Interstate Electric (IEL) emerged as the winning bidder then paid for the entire franchise including the Aba and Ariaria business units. The operations were taken over by the new EEDC management led by IEL in November 2013. APL’s ongoing upgrade was suspended. GP and its partners had relied on payment assurance by APL operated and upgraded distribution facilities without FGN guarantee. They did not consider EEDC operation led by IEL without the upgraded facilities provided adequate payment security.

Two court cases ensued. The three year standoff has

– denied consumers in Aba and Ariaria the service improvements 141MW and new distribution facilities would bring,

– threatened GP and APL’s investment which they claim is $530m,

– denied IEL and EEDC access to the additional electricity GP can provide to the entire franchise area not just Aba and Ariaria

– tied up all the parties including IEL, EEDC and FGN in costly litigation, court proceedings, and

– delayed FGN’s commitment to improve electricity rapidly.

Over the past three months Ministry for Power Works and Housing was mandated by the Vice President to facilitate meetings between EEDC and GP/APL to work out a mutually beneficial commercial solution to the dispute.

The parties have agreed to a commercial arrangement to settle the dispute which had the following terms among others.


– EEDC, a joint venture of FGN and IEL, will cede the distribution/retail franchise in Aba and Ariaria to FGN and APL while retaining the distribution/retail franchise for the rest of the Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi states.

– GP will supply power to FGN/APL distribution franchise for Aba and Ariaria- GP and EEDC may also come to a commercial agreement whereby GP will supply power to EEDC to improve services to all EEDC’s customers or targeted ones.

– The parties will withdraw all cases from courts and concentrate on running their businesses and improving services to their customers

Government as the regulator and superintendent of the industry and 40% owner of the distribution franchises, supports the initiative and will take necessary steps to operationalize it, especially through

– adjustment of EEDC’s operating license to reflect the adjusted franchise area, and

– transfer of assets in Aba and Ariaria from EEDC to FGN/APL.

– perfection of the operating license in Aba and Ariaria for FGN/APL.

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