From Being a Night Guard, Doorman in America to Becoming President, I’m More Than Fulfilled; Tinubu Tells Nigerians in Diaspor

President Bola Tinubu has shared the story of his life as a young struggling man saying becoming President of Africa’s most populous country is the zenith of the fulfilment of his dreams. Tinubu, while addressing Nigerians on Friday, said he engaged in all forms of menial jobs for survival adding that leading Nigeria is to ensure that the country comes out of its challenges.

He told members of the Nigerian community in Paris, France, “I have been in America, in the UK, I have been a night guard, security, a door man in America. But I have achieved my aim.’’ On his emergence as President following his victory in the February 25 polls, Tinubu said:“I thank you. Whether you voted for me, or you didn’t vote for me, campaigned for me, or you didn’t campaign for me, I am your president.

“By the grace of God, I have to work on your behalf and make Nigeria a turning point for prosperity. So your president is here. I dance for it and I have to continue to be prepared for it.

“The challenges are enormous but do we have hope? Yes, with perseverance, determination and persistency we can achieve whatever we desire.’’

Commenting on his preparedness for the job as president, Tinubu also told his audience: “It is clear to me, I know the road and I have been through what many of you have been through outside the country.

“To all of you our hope is reward. To all of you, the courage is here. And the promise of a better future is a must for us. I am here on a dual carriageway. What to do and or do I respond to the new question of environmental challenges?

“How do I present my case for Nigeria whose dependency of fossil fuel is being challenged?

“I have transportation challenges, electricity challenges, infrastructural challenges just to name a few. And I have a giant elephant (fuel subsidy) in the house. I let it out without bringing the house down. We are focused.’’

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. Our diversity is an asset if we know how to use it for our prosperity. Born of the same father, in the same house except living in different rooms. We must promote unity, stability and economic justice for every one of us.

“Making just a few smugglers rich. Some countries were `bleaching’ us. Courage was missing. Sometimes I became an advocate of it. Remove this thing but God gave me the opportunity when I danced around, strategise with my team, and we won the Presidency.’’


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