President Buhari
President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari,

President Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Villa Abuja.


Dear Sir,

Being an open letter to Mr.  President by the Edo Forum of Patriots.

We write as free citizens who are concerned without partisan

connotation whatsoever on the debilitating state of affairs of our

fatherland; and in moving forward, we have dispassionately considered

varying factors critical to resolving the logjam, and we do wish to

respectfully declare as follows –

From the fight against corruption which is one-sided to the fight

against insurgency, the fate of the Chibok girls, the instability in

economic policies of the country, the fall of the naira against

dollar, skyrocketing unemployment rate, erratic and a near total

absence of the electricity supply,  and most recently the  worsened

fuel crisis that seems to have overwhelmed your government; and the

worst in our nascent history.

Based on the  aforementioned reality, Nigerians are expectedly

apprehensive if your government is really moving or just standing,

within the context of the pyramid of CHANGE promised during your

campaign and inauguration. Of recent, the Minister of state for

petroleum, Dr. Ibe kachikwu has continued to apologize to Nigerians

for his comments last week drawing scathing criticisms from many

Nigerians, including a senior leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, and

others calling for the resignation of the Minister.

Though, we also backed the Minister for delivering a frank message

that lacked the usual political preference. We strongly condemn his

unfunny prank that is being played on Nigerians in the last couple of


Never before has the ship of the Nigerian state been steered aground

as we have it in the last couple of months. Everything has increased:

paper, sugar, rice, bread, pure water and even the cover price of week

days Newspapers is now N200 naira as against the N150 price before.

Some filling stations capitalizing on the fuel crisis are now selling

adulterated fuel mixed with kerosene to unsuspecting members of the


These are all the more reasons to get things right one and for all

sir! So you want continue with the vicious cycle of hopes raised and


Yes, we understand and appreciate what you are doing to make this

country great. Your dedication and government’s resolve to stamp out

insecurity, tackle corruption, revive the ailing economy, provide jobs

and restore hope. But with long queues, it means we have to eat with

our ears. Sir, we therefore suggest that you flee from making excuses

and shifting blames, the expectations are high and urgent. We believe

you can make this country great that is why we voted for you en masse.

As full blood Nigerians we have the right to demand and are strongly

demanding that you as the National leader of the APC initiate a

proactive, quick and sustained action in addressing this fuel palava

in Nigeria.


Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo, Convener.

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