Gov. Udom Emmanuel

Revival of the nation’s battered economy from its present state, security architecture and women empowerment topped yesterday, the agenda of Governor Emmanuel Udom and People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s campaign agenda as Akwa Ibom helmsman solicited the support of Niger State’s delegates during this month end’s Convention in Abuja.
According to the Campaign Chairman, Senator Gabriel Suswam, ‘’Udom has the capability, the ingenuity and creativity to do what even Nigeria as a country cannot achieve, citing the example of Ibom Air which the governor established within a short period of his governorship.
While describing Udom as someone who will revive the nation’s comatose economy and restore the lost glory of Nigeria if given the opportunity, Suswan said Akwa Ibom had moved from the backward, to a destination of choice both locally and Internationally due to the great job that Emmanuel has done in the state.
“Our change will be positive change. Our next level will be positive higher level” he added, while the Presidential aspirant promised that women would be given a pride of place in his administration.
He reassured that he has the solution to insecurity which has bedeviled Niger, like other States across the country and regretted that the Jebba paper mill and other companies that used to be the pride of Niger Sstate have become moribund.
His Presidency, he assured, will pursue policies that would reverse the worrisome situation and revive the industries, adding that, ‘’regrettably, our economy has gone down but if you build the economy, you will reduce insurgency; if you build the economy, you will reduce poverty; if you revive the economy, you will make our people happy”.
Assuring of the replication of his feat in Akwa Ibom State at the national level, Udom said he has the capability and capacity to turn around the economy, adding, “The time has come when we must overcome sentiments and biases and choose wisely”.
“I have all it takes to replicate at the national level what I have done at the sub-national level; give me the opportunity and I will not disappoint you’’, Udom said.
Recalling the bond of relationship between Niger State and Udom, Hadjia Abudulkadir Kure, wife of the former Governor of Niger State, Alhaji Yohana Kure explained that she hardly shakes hands or hug men but she shook hands with Udom because of the warm relationship between the aspirant and her late husband and ex-governor of Niger state.
“Udom was about the last person my husband discussed with before going on medical treatment to Germany where he never returned alive; my late husband and Udom were very, very close.
“I also want to say how the Director-General of Udom’s campaign, former military governor of Niger state, retired Col. Habibu Shuaib, handed over power to my husband in 1999.
“Not only did he hand over power to my husband, he mentored my husband. His wife also mentored me. They stood with us and they put us through. I can never forget that”, she added.
The DG said he brought and presented Udom to Niger state with the assurance that if elected, Udom will perform as excellently as he, Shuaib, did as military governor of the state.

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