Dragged To Court

Government at all levels have been advised to try as much possible to create employment to curb the spate security challenges facing the country.

Former Kwara state Deputy governor, Chief Joel Ogundeji stated this at a thanksgiving Service of Medayese Oluwatosi and award ceremony, at Niger River Basin Development Authority Chapel Ilorin the Kwara state capital,at the weekend.

Ogundeji noted that  if people are well engaged they would  have no time to think of evil things.

“For example this country  Nigeria is a lover of football if government can promote such in many places, is going to keep people busy. When people are busy they will have no time to think about all the evil things they are doing when we look back to our own youthful days and compare it with what we have now there’s a lot of difference,  most of our  youths are very good they have the  knowledge but there are some of them who do not want to work but they want to have  money and before you get money you must work if they work they will  get money.” He said

He also stressed the need to be grateful to God and reciprocate whenever God do great things. ” God is very happy for people who thank him for what he does.” He said

A Cleric Bishop Dr Bayo Adejola who stressed the purpose and benefits of thanksgiving noted that God has values thanksgiving.

“You fulfil destiny when you give thanks to God. In everything give thanks. thanksgiving is the will of God. When you give thanks to God you provoke God to divine blessings.”

He also stressed the need  to embrace christ and give  lives to God.”

The Celebrant  Medaiyese Oluwatosin said he give thanks to God for his faithfulnes in his life

At the end of thanksgiving, service ,three personality also been awarded,Mrs E.Olayemi, Mrs,Ebun Medayese and Barrister O.O Abifarin respectfully.