Some parents don’t have the courage to patiently and clearly explain to their children what sex education is all about, some don’t even know what to say about it, that is why as a parent you need to study books about good parenting, books that will brighten your spiritual and physical understanding even Daniel said that he understood by books (Daniel 9:2) that was why he was exceptional in his days (Daniel 6:3). To be an exceptional parent you need to get yourself acquainted with books, meaning acquiring more knowledge continues even after becoming a parent.  

There are many godly activities that you can involve them (children) in, activities like they joining a Christian children or teenagers club where they will be exposed more to the word of God and other educative and informative programs. This will build their courage to face the world (1Timothy 4:12 (NIV) and the task ahead. 

NOTE THIS, Don’t be among the parents that threaten their children about sending them out of the house if they make any mistakes rather let them know of the risk that is attached to any of their wrong decisions and also help them in prayer because it is not by power nor by might but my Spirit says the Lord (Zachariah 4:6). 


You can only give what you have, be informed as a parent so that your children can be informed as well and this prevent them from being a victim of sex abuse. 

Dr. Kelicha Ochonogor  

Chairperson CWAN Lagos 

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