I believe that Lagos happens to be the best in term of cracking crimes _ Stakeholder


By Tricia Ikem


A legal practitioner, Dr Chima Nnaji, the coordinator of stakeholders of State Criminal Investigative Department Lagos (SCID) says the department has produced quality officers that became Inspector Generals of Police.

Nnaji who disclosed this during the media tour at the State CID, Panti, Yaba added both the past and present Inspector Generals of police roots should be trace back to Lagos.

He said that the purpose of the tour was to assist the leadership SCID to achieved their noble objective by creating an environment for effective fight of crimes through modern process, discipline and ethical observation of human right.

“We have been on this since the time of Rtd CP Olayinka Balogun as his friends, through the professional leadership he exhibited, we decide to come together support him with many monumental assets you see here during the tour’’.

According to him, some of what you saw today were initiated during balogun’s time and we have worked with different leadership of this particular department.

“Currently we are working hand in globe with the leadership of DCP Waheeb Ayilara who himself demonstrates the same quality which attracted us to Rtd Olayinka Balogun.

“Lagos is topnotch in terms of fighting crimes across the nations due to its high-quality officers that work in Lagos before they become Inspector General of police.

” It has been a very good rewarding relationship which I believe that Lagos happens to be the best in term of cracking crimes.

“As a lawyer, I do not make trouble and I do not need state criminal investigative department but because of the way the leadership carry on their duties, we rather support the officers who diligently do their jobs quietly without advertising themselves’’.

He said that it is the duty of the civil society to appreciate these quality officers, not necessarily giving money but to support them to show them that the society appreciates what they are doing.
“We are trying to assist them with the best we can, both in infrastructure, ideas through communication and all that.
“So, people should see police especially those of them at state CID not as ghost but human being that have blood flowing in their vein’’, he added

In his response, DCP Waheeb Ayilara in-charge of Panti thanked the stakeholders for their supports

“This shows how committed you are with all your support in making our work very easy.
“But we still need more support because everything is now digitalised as our officers will need to be trained and retrained.

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