We handled over a thousand cases in this country and we are not afraid of any one of them. It’s normal for criminals to write against us. We are not afraid of it for one second. It’s all part of the fight against criminals.

You will be afraid only when you have done wrong. If your records are straight and you have evidences at hand, How will you shake?

We have prevailed over fierce gun Battles with Deadly Armed robbers like Godogodo, Vampire, Evans and group and Umar Abdulmalik Boko Haram Terrorist Commander etc etc then suddenly some people will think we will be afraid of False pettitions written by a Criminal we charged to court 6yrs ago when the complainants he defrauded are still alive to testify on everything that happened and their money and properties bought from the Proceeds recovered by the police.

We know criminals will always fight back with lies and fictitious stories to draw public sympathy but Majority of Nigerians are wiser and we are ready for them as we are expecting it already.

We have all seen how lawyers and family members of Notorious kidnappers like Evans and Collins Okoronko ezenwa aka E-money have tried Viciously to tarnish our names through the media using big Money they got from kidnappings but where are they today?

For those that are happy that a Criminal made false allegations against us they should wait and see the end pls.

We are very much ready and we are expecting even more of such false allegations from many other criminals.

The only way a criminal will be happy with you is only when you compromise with him but we refused to compromise all the time and we always sided with the truth and dealt with the criminals according to law, we know all such will come and everybody will see the end by GOD’s Grace.