Primate Ayodele
Primate Ayodele

The founder and spiritual head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele in this interview with Integrity Reporters revealed few things about himself and other issues


What Shall we be expecting in 2018?

Nigeria should be expecting a lot and we should be very closer to God because things that is going to happen, Buhari cannot control it. Buhari’s government would want to do so many things, in the cause of doing that, he would be doing so many blunders.

We have not seen much seriousness in the economy. The economy would be fluctuating. It is only that PDP deosnt have the right candidate; if PDP have the right candidate, then they can win. Not Atiku. There is something that Atiku have not taken as a step, until he does that that is when he would gain a leverage. But as for Buhari, he would not do much, his second term is going to be a waste, so APC needs a lot of prayers. Expcept he steps down, there are people that can do it better; I can see Saraki, Amosu and others. These are the people that can take over from Buhari, he doesn’t have the capacity. Ekiti election, Fayose may not get it as he has anointed his candidate. If PDP fail to present the right candidate they may lose the election because some of their members would vote Buhari. I do not see APC taking over South East but they are still going to maintain south west. Akeredolu should be very careful so that he would not lose his second term.

Are you saying that the economy would remain the same this year?

It would be fluctuating. Let us pray against epidemic; against cholera. we should also pray against unrest in the whole world.

What is your advice to Nigerians?

Nigerians should get closer to God; i am scared abot religious crisis that may come up. Government should settle this issue of religious crisis, because another set of terrorist is coming and the government has not gotten it right in the issue of fulani herdsmen.

Terrorists are are still in Nigeria. And there is corruption in the army and police, so we cannot fight corruption. Only God can fight corruption. Let’s pray against explosions, and let’s put all the media houses in prayers also.

Nigeria needs so much intervention in 2018. We need infrastructures.

Who is Primate Ayodele?

I am a very simple person. I am a prophet of the contemporary world. The world recognises our prophecies. You can google it, which means that the world recognises our prophesies. Let Ambode reduces the price of local rice to help the masses, there is hunger in the land; people are tired. I pray and fast for the widows, the orphans and the less privileged. I am going to patner with other prophets of God so that if there warning or negative prophesy, we pray over it.

I don’t believe there is difficulty, challenges makes you grow. In everything that happens to me, I want to learn something.

I am married with children and grand children.