Allegation against
Alh. Lai Mohammed Minister for Information and culture.

In his end of the year 2021 press conferences held in Lagos, Minister for Information and Culture, Alh. Lai Mohammed has revealed that the year has not been devoid of challenges, he said that the major challenges has been that of insecurity and usual economic challenges and Dwindling resources available to the government.
Nevertheless, he maintained that the administration has availed itself creditably.
He said, “Desipte the enormity of the challenges,our military has continued to live up to their billing”.
Lai Mohammed enumerated numbers of security measure set up by Armed forces of Nigeria (AFN) which include  the joint task force(JTF) North East, tagged operation HADIN KAI covering the North East Region, the JTF SS,tagged operation Delta SAFE covering the South South Region, the JTF NW, parts of Kaduna and Bauch states, operation WHRL STROKE covering Benue, Nassarawa and Taraba states, JTF SW referred to as operation THUNDER STRIKE covering Abuja – Kaduna highway and operation WHRL PUNCH covering part of Kaduna state.
Minister for information and culture,Alh. Lai Mohammed in his characteristic manner maintained that the economy recovery is on a steady path throughout the year 2021. He says,”As you are aware gentlemen, many countries around world face unprecedented challenges starting from 2020, as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and Nigeria is no exception”.
No doubt Nigeria economy was hit by the pandemic in mid- 2020 and the economic disruption led to recession.
Thereby the output growth was affected due to the poor performance of the economy during the Covid-19 era, Minister maintained.