Kayode Adebiyi,Skyblue C.E.O.

Kayode Adebiyi from A Nigerian but United States aviation guru named Kayode Adebiyi is the brain behind skybluethough he is a Public health graduate. He equally bagged  an honorary doctorate degree from one of the prestigious university. He is a professional and certified travel consultant.

Adebiyi is the founder of  Skyblue World Travels, located in  Georgia, United States while has branches  across the countries of the world..

Skyblue is partnering and affiliates with neccessary reputable suppliers and companies to serve our clients across the globe better.

Que;  Who are the brain behind skyblue?.

Ans: As a matter of fact, God is the major brain behind Skyblue World Travels. But I am privileged to establish the company by his inspiration upon me after carefully completed the necessary training, including experiences with the support of some reputable partners and affiliations. That is why I am proud to say I’m the owner and the CEO. 

Que;  What prompted you in establishing skyblue?.

Ans: Traveling, hospitality and entertainment have been my hobbies. I also like striving for people’s hospitality, wellbeing and connection. I then see this opportunity as a way to legitimately and legally put it into practice.

Que; What makes skyblue unique from others?.

Ans: At Skyblue, we are always giving out genuine services with passion and affordable prices. We works around the budget of our clients, they will never be left alone from A to Z and our customer service relationship with discounts and promotional updates are always special.

Que; What are the characteristic of skyblue?.

Ans: Because our slogan is “The Oracle Of Hospitality” That is why Integrity, privacy and customer satisfaction are our priority at Skyblue World Travels.

Que;  What are the vision and mission of skyblue in the industry.

Ans: Our vision: To offer comfort and ecstasy through all travel adventure and to uniformly align basic travel needs under one ease and accessible module.

Our mission: To enhance travel experiences and convert them into pleasurable moments and to further make travel prerequisites ease to walk through.

Que;  In the next 5 years where do you propose that skyblue should be?.

Ans: Skyblue will be one of the best Travel Agencies in the next 5 years, even lesser by the grace of God. Because we shall continue researching, upgrading and striving to maintain our integrity with our brand standard.

Que;There is no newly establishment that has no its teething problem, what are the challenges being faced since you have started the business?.

Ans: I am glad you already answered this question. To be honest it has been God,  but the good news is that Skyblue is progressing day by day. Every challenge had been the necessary ladder made for us to

escalate to the greater levels. Therefore, we can never be carried away with challenges, because of where we are heading to.

Que; In what area do you think government can be of assistant to the practitioners?.

Ans: Governments should continue to improve on security, health, infrastructure, technologies, maintenance of tourism, exchange rates, government documents processing timing and policies.

Que; How can you rate the service in Nigeria compare to the developed nations

Ans: Nigeria is better than some countries, but still far behind some developed countries, based on some neccessary projects that need to be implemented by the government. I encourage our citizens not to get tired with their support and be patient. With time things will be improved