A group called Jagaban maritime network propagating for the emergency of the former Lagos State governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, All progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023 election.
In his welcome speech, Hon. Olu Adefioye  the Director General ( D.G) of Jagaban Maritime Network says that Asiwaju is the messiah that the country need at this pointing time due to his wealth of experience both politically and economically .
He urges the members to re-double their  effort during campaign so as to take Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Aso-rock.
The Director General expresses  his gratitude to Lagos State Tinubu support organisation (T.S.O.) coordinator  Mr. Akinduro Ibesanmi for his support towards Jagaban maritime network both in kind and cash, Hon. Olu Adefioye describe his support to the group as 100 percent while described himself as Oliver twist by soliciting for more assistant in getting suitable secretariat  which will be equipped to normal standard.
He now make a request that his member should also be included in campaign team.
The best coordinator of the year award was given to Hon. Akinduro Ibesanmi,Lagos state Tinubu Support Organisation(T.S.O) coordinator for his tenacity, efficiency and effectiveness..
In his acceptance speech, Hon. Akinduro urges the group  and people present to vote for TInubu/ Shettima as President and Vice- President respectively and Sanwo- olu as governor of Lagos State so that he will continue the good work he has started.
Akinduro describe  governor Sanwo-Olu as a performing Governor whose service his still highly needed. Therefore, he urges people to vote for him massively under the umbrella of All progressive Congress (APC) political party.
Akinduro maintained that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the solution to Nigeria problems.” Asiwaju has milk of mercy flow in his vain.”Akinduro said.
Hon.Akinduro reminded people that he, Asiwaju has paid his due , Let’s use our time to market our own Presidential candidate, Akinduro maintained.
Tinubu support organisation, Lagos was also awarded by Jagaban maritime network.

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