By Tricia Ikem

The most important role hygiene plays in the lives of individuals and communities is vital .

Though today’s modern world, powered by advancement in knowledge and technology, provides ease in doing things, not less issue of sanitation, yet many people are yet to take hold of such opportunity.

In Lagos Mainland, precisely Oyingbo, in Ebute Metta, there is palpable unease over the stench that has engulfed the area in recent time.

According to residents, passersby and commuters, an unpleasant odour emanates from some buildings in the region, particularly when toilets are flushed, creating much discomfort and distress in the entire community. Faeces have been known to drop from these pipes on people, a development that increases the fear by locals that the situation could cause a serious health crisis.

Our investigation to the vicinity revealed stench coming from a new generation banks situated at 52/54 Muritala Mohammed Way area of the metropolis, said to be managed by WEMABOD who subcontracted to Mr. Ajadi Taofeek Lawal.

It was gathered that for over three years the whole vicinity has been and is still polluted with unpleasant odour and dirty enivornment, which is not conducive to the healthy of any living being.

A source who spoke with our reporter , lamented that the situation is unbearable and fast declining. According to the source, many hitherto okay buildings are now impacted as “the pipes from their toilets now flush out waste even to the Anglican Church right behind it.”

Speaking, one of the sources who spoke anonymously, noted that Mr. Ajadi Taofeek Lawal, the sub-contractor for WEMABOD, had been contacted by the residents on many occasions over the unpleasant development but he never bothered to come and inspect or to find out what these people were calling him for.

He stated that “all he does is to collect money; in fact the chamber of toilets from the banks once flushed escape into the residential area within other compounds.

“On Tuesday, someone flushed the toilet and it escaped into the church environment and splashed on some people who were aware and felt bad about the situation. This is becoming too much to bear.”

Expatiating on those responsible, the source alleged that “the person who owns a hotel at Bangbose area is the one in charge and is also collecting huge amount of money for rents. Yet the condition of the place is fast deteriorating and so shabby.”

One major factor adduced to the decline witnessed in the area is said to be the nonchalant attitude of the relevant agency responsible for the inspection and monitoring of the environment.

A respondent, Mr Toba Peters, also blamed shabby work carried out by developers and builders, being responsible for the decline experienced.

He told our correspondent equally , “This rampant building collapse, sometimes occurring almost every week within the state, is as a result of the agency’s failure.
“It does not monitor most of the buildings erected by builders and developers, who sometimes go for inferior materials for construction, thereby putting lives in danger.”

We call on the Agencies and management of WEMABOD to please come to the aids of residents, Banks and other users of the UBA building along Muritala Mohammed Way Oyingbo Lagos State for speedy inspection that would yield speedy renovations across the board .

Another respondent, who identified herself as Iya Basirat, said the stench from the building is overpowering and increases by the day.

“We can’t even breathe fresh air anymore. The odour emanating from the premises on a daily basis has made some neighbours to shut their windows in order not to inhale the terrible odour, which can lead to serious health challenges,” she said.

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