Biyi Samuel/ Akure

A Human Rights Activist, Comrade Ifeanyi Odili has cautioned the members of the National Assembly to allow the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Oshinbajo SAN to perform.

Speaking in an interview with Journalists in Akure, the Human Rights Activist said, the issue of EFCC Chairman, Mr Ibraheem Magu should not be used to distract the Acting President from performing his Constitutional duties.

According to him, the constitution empowered the President to appoint any one he fells could do any job at any given time without necessarily consulting any body.

If the President believes so much in the ability of any one that could wage war against corruption in Nigeria like Magu, he should be left alone.

He therefore cautioned that members of the National Assembly should not allow the public see them as people running from pillar to pole to cover their misdeeds.

Odili how ever recalled that Prof. Oshinbajo’s performance the last time President Mohamed Buhari went on medical vacation was far better than the present job he is putting up owing to the crisis posed to him by the NASS.

He therefore cautioned that members of the NASS should not allow the public to read, meanings into their war against the nomination of Magu as the EFCC Chairman ‘’if they have no skeletons in their cupboards.

While praying for the quick recovery of President Buhari from his sick bed, he noted that “we are all humanbeigns ‘’ and could fall sick at any time, adding that sycophants should stop capitalizing on the absence of the President to make things difficult for the Acting President.

His words, ‘’the President is not under any obligation to seek the approval of any one before he could appoint any one to head the EFCC, saying, it is not even mandatory for the President to take the name of his appointee to NASS’’.

While commending Magu’s good work so far, he said, ‘’he has been doing well to chase corrupt looters who had plunged the nation’s economy into the current economy crisis’’.

He affirmed that ‘’those against Magu’s confirmation as EFCC Chairman are being chased by their shadows since there is nothing chasing them’’





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