Evergreen beauty and /folklore soul singer,Taiwo,a Septuagenarian,in Dr.Isioye's dental clinic in New York,USA,yesterday.

Above was the title of my article in my column,”IT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING BY ‘LEKAN ALABI”,in the social page of the Sunday Sketch weekly,sometime in 1974,when I reviewed the London tour of an icon of Juju music,Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi and his former INTERNATIONAL BROTHERS BAND that year to Great Britain.

Obey had released the evergreen single”MO KO LETTER,MO K’OWE”   while abroad that year,to express his longing for his mother and father, while away from his home,Abeokuta,in the now-defunct Western State of Nigeria.Abeokuta is today the Capital of Ogun State of Nigeria.

From yore,travellers,especially Yoruba,moan missing their homes and loved ones,and pray for their safe return home to re-unite with families and friends.

The above-described emotions were expressed yesterday, in far-away New York City,United States of America(USA),by the artistic Taiwo,the surviving twin of the world-famous soulful LIJADU SISTERS,during her periodic medical,actually dental,visit to her dentist,Dr.Gabriel Adeyemi Isioye.

Dr Isioye,was kind enough to put Taiwo and my humble self,Oloye ‘Lekan Alabi,Ekefa Olubadan of Ibadanland and the first Culture Ambassador of the National Museum and Monument,Ile If e,on a video chat from his clinic.

During our emotional chat,she wished me a happy and wonderful 70th birthday celebration,come   Tuesday,27th October.She prayed that I celebrate many  happy seasons.

In her message to fellow Nigerians,fans and well-wishers,she spoke the Ibadan/Oyo dialect:”Olojo-ibi,jowo mo o ba nki awon eeyan wa nile  mbe un daadaa o”.(Birthday celebrant,please,convey my warm greetings to all our people over there.)

After our discussion,I thanked her host, Adeyemi,my dear aburo(younger brother)from the DADA ISIOYE ROYAL FAMILY,of Oke Dada Area of Ibadan,Oyo State of Nigeria,for his generosity. By the way,Dr Isioye,is a full Colonel of the US Army