A TV presenter has been left seriously red-faced live on air. Tania Llasera was mortified after a seriously unfortunate wardrobe malfunction resulted in her breasts being exposed.

Instantly after it happened, she turned away from the cameras to protect her modestly before walking off set.

It happened as Tania was struggling to attach her mic pack to the back of her dress.

Desperately trying to fix the situation, the presenter can be seen in a clip/photos  that are currently going viral – asking one of the show’s female contestants for some help.

However, the bikini-clad female does more harm than good as she tries to offer assistance while competing in a bizarre human paintbrush challenge.

As the guest fiddled with Tania’s dress, the frock appeared to snap down below her bellybutton.

Unfortunately, the presenter was not wearing a bra at the time and so everything was on show.

Despite the humiliating incident, producers of the Spanish game show opted not to cut the scene and allowed it to be broadcasted

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