Following the ceremonial exit of the former Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase and the triumphant entry of Mr Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, as Acting Inspector-General of Police, The convener of Ibile Peaceful assembly, Hon Saheed Mosadoluwa has written a piece to commend the effort of the past IG and a word or two to charge the incoming IG in the discharge of his duty to maintain a socially-driven balance so as to sustain the image of Nigeria Police Force.

Read his piece below;

It would amount to inconsequential protests here for me to say CHANGE mantra has been overflowing with mere promises for better Nigeria only, because bureaucrats are burying President Buhari enthusiasm for good governance.

Solomon Arase, the outgoing Inspector General of Police, was until his appointment, the Head of the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department, who interviewed me on Jimoh Ibrahim’s petitions against my person for defaming his precarious character, I so much hold and cherished his magnetism and also wish to appreciate his discretion to point the money bag Ibrahim to where he can make his case as he resolved that there is no criminal intent in my write up.

We hope the new appointed IGP will be able to unify all factions in the force so that the police will be more solid in facing the challenges of an increasingly complex society,”

We welcome Mr Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, Acting Inspector-General of Police as the new police boss appointed by PMB lead APC government to replace the retiring Mr Solomon Arase. Nigerians should be  pleased with the selection of Ibrahim Kpotun Idris as Nigerian new police Chief, and we look forward to see him moving Nigeria forward together.

Ibile Peaceful Assembly members will like to use this medium to thank the outgoing Mr Solomon Arase publicly for his great service to the country as a whole and I extend thanks as well to the other police bosses who also struggle for the position and for their leadership within the department.”

In Ibile perspective evaluation of Solomon Arase, let me describe him as “a confident leader, who understands the delicate relationship between supervision and keeping officers motivated. Mr Arase is well-liked by his officers and the society “

“Public safety is of utmost priority in Nigeria today ” We will watch with keen interest of the new Acting in the inspector General position, to see if he will be there to work towards making Nigeria a safest country or to serve northern hegemonic.”

No dictator started as one. The path to dictatorship is an incremental urge to have power absolutely. If you appoint the Comptroller General Of Customs, CG Nigerian Immigration Service, CG Nigerian Prison Service  from north, Chief of Army Staff and the new Inspector General Of Police from north, it means that  President Buhari is succeeding in his Northernization Agenda.

I don’t want to get fascinate by federalism  and forget to leave a word for those who wake up on the wrong side of their bed criticizing EFCC’s action against my political roll model Mr Ayodele Fayose, the immunity only covers him as a person against arrest/prosecution.

The simple interpretation of this is that EFCC may not have the right to try a sitting governor with immunity, but the anti graft agency still retains mandate to block suspicious transactions/accounts.

Those covered by immunity need to realize that every thought they have during their tenure will either disempower or empower their relevance whenever they are not more in system.

The person of Mr Fayose is immuned as a governor of Ekiti State, not his property not his bank accounts found to contain stolen money. I swear with Ibile Perspectives “The key word in Section 308 of the immunity clause is “person” ,EFCC took action against an account  ie “action in rem” means ‘Action in rem” ie against Fayose’s account not an “action in person” ie against his person as covered by immunity.

But , the factual part of the scenario is that any leader who doesn’t want to be criticized is not ready to serve the people just like that leader who is not transparent, would not want to be sued or investigated.

Those who believe the government is fighting corruption are APC blind sympathizers & fencists. He’s actually not fighting anything but his enemies because frozen of Fayose Account while Rotimi Amaechi still have access to involve in Edo Primary Election is a charade, unbalanced.

How can a sitting president despised opposition till a stage of him trying to destroy the Impunity in other party by breeding another dangerous form of Impunity. Apparently, the president is setting precedents with his actions which has not built any system to fight corruption, his policies has not strengthened the judiciary, EFCC is not independent.

I welcome you as you rise with Mr Ibile.

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