Acting IGP Usman Baba

The Nigeria Police Trust Fund’s (NPTF) quest for a well-trained, well-equipped and well-motivated Police Force receives a boost in Abuja today during a collaborative visit to African Global Empowerment and Development Network (AGED Network), a non-governmental oganization. The President, AGED NETWORK, Dr. Majidadi Bala Kontagora gave this assurance to NPTF’s delegate led by its Executive Secretary, Hon. Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto to during the visit to his office. Dr. Majidadi revealed the Network’s agenda for the Nigeria Police Force thus “ we have created a platform to transform, renovate and reconstruct all training institutions in the Nigeria Police Force across the country.“ He added further “ we have secured funds internationally, we have secured support internationally and now we have secured the support of the NPTF.” He stated that a lot of agencies and security agencies have been patronizing the Network for intervention in their various programs but considering the mandate of the Nigeria Police Force as the best institution that has the mandate to secure the country, hence AGED Network’s intervention to transform the Police entire training institutions.

Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary of Nigeria Police Trust Fund (NPTF) intimated AGED Network about the activities of the Trust Fund as well as its mandate. He expressed fear about the inadequacy of its substantial funding from the Federation Account, and called for benevolent assistance from organizations like AGED network.

It will be recalled that the Nigeria Police Trust Fund was created and signed into an Act by President Muhammad Buhari in 2019 with the mandate of intervening in Police infrastructure, training and equipment need. The main objective of NPTF is to create a responsive, proactive, well- trained, well-equipped and highly motivated policemen through the administration of funds accrued to the organization