Obafemi Martins

Plum Investments In Real Estate, Education, Shares, Others

Obafemi Martins is a household name in Nigerian football. Since he made his debut for Nigeria in 2004 at the age of 19 in the 2004 Unity Cup scoring the second goal, in the tri-nations Unity Cup tournament in London, he had since rose to the stardom becoming the richest Nigerian footballer in history.

There is no doubt Martins is the richest Nigerian footballer for now looking at his array of investments in real estate, education, shares in companies both in Nigeria and abroad and current earnings in his club.

The 36 year old currently plays in Chinese club club Wuhan Zall as a striker and has so far scored a couple of goals since joining the team last year.

According to reports, Martins owns his own night club in Lagos worth millions of dollars and he will be unveiling the night club very soon. The star striker also owns a top hotel in Lagos state. He is proudly the owner of over 20 houses which cost millions of dollars in VGC in Ajah in Lagos State, Chevy View Estate , Lekki , Ikoyi and some notable places in Victoria island. His clothing line in the United States also rake millions of dollars. He also owns plenty of landed properties on the Lagos Island axis. We might eventually see the Obafemi Martins estate very soon to be unveiled also.

In 2019 Obagoal, as Martins is fondly called, spent close to 2 million dollars to procure wheelchairs for his Foundation, and he donated all the wheelchairs to disabled people in Lagos. In 2018, the forward also spent huge amounts on free education to some Nigerian students.

As of February 2021 Obafemi Martins net worth is 48 billion Naira. Kudos to him.

Unlike his colleagues, Martins is a philanthropist per excellence, as he is known to be given back to the youths in Nigeria and he believes passionately in education. Martins and his wife are the founders of an international school in China which will be expanding throughout Asia and soon coming to the African continent.