Satguru Maharajji

The One Love Family has condemned  the campaign of calumny against its Founder, Satguru Maharaji Ji by one Mr and Mrs Victor Oyewole.

One Love Family in a press statement by its spokesman, Ojo Peter described attempt by one Victor Oyewole  and his wife to assasinate the character of  Satguru  Maharaji  Ji as reckless and evil.

Peter in the release stated that ‘One Love Family ‘ would have ignored the careless and incendiary remarks made by Oyewoles against  Satguru  Maharaji  Ji if not for the purpose of setting the record straight.

“The attention of the  One Love Family has been drawn to  a  publication online titled: Rescue Us From Guru Maharaj Ji,  Oyewole,  Others Cry To Makinde, IGP.’

One Love  Family wishes to state that the entire allegations being spread is mendacious, wicked, malicious and calculated attempt to smear the image of Satguru  Maharaji  Ji, the Living Perfect Master and World  Teacher. The campaign of calumny and  vilifying false claims are entirely  libelous, unfounded infact, irresponsible  and a brazen assault on the integrity of One Love Family. “

“There is no doubt that Mr and Mrs Victor Oyewole happen to be one of the unfortunate victims of Ibadan land-grabbing syndicates who either murder or make their victims go mad for mustering the effrontery to challenge them for the recovery of their monies or to be provided with an alternative plot when it becomes obviously clear that they have been scammed, for which Satguru Maharaj Ji through His public enlightenment efforts on land grabbing has extended His selfless service to humanity in the area of assisting those so far affected in any land scam to successfully recover their money alive, not dead, as has been the case before now.

The released  added: “Contrary to what Victor  Oyewole  said that  Satguru  Maharaji  Ji is a warlord terrorizing all developers  around Toll-Gate, Ibadan, Maharaji  Ji is not a warlord.  Maharaji  Ji was the only person that declared that ‘No War in Nigeria,  come what may and will  make sure that Nigeria  political lockdown  will come to an end amicably.  Maharaji  Ji is an advocate of peace and love.

“Satguru  Maharaji  Ji devotees are not thugs and there was no way they could have involved themselves in any act inimical to the peace and love, One Love Family teaches. In line with Satguru Maharaj Ji’s teachings, they are known all over the world as the strongest advocate of the rule of law and always stressing that dialogue is paramount and supercedes all other means of resolving conflict. Hence, devotees can never turn against Maharaj Ji’s teachings by resorting to violence in resolving issues with trespassers to Maharaj Ji Village land, right before the World Teacher. Never!

Speaking further,  Peter added that judgement has already being delivered  on the land Oyewole was talking about  and that there were two land grabbers by name Suara Atere and Olagoke Amao who were selling  the land from one person to the other.

“We challenged them and  at the end of the day even though we lost the head of the Aladorin Family, court declared that both Suara Atere and Olagoke Amoo who came from Iragbiji were just tenants on the Land. There was even a time they sold the land to one company  and later to another company. We later discovered that they were working  with some corrupt policemen  in the business of grabbing people’s land.

“It will equally interest Me and Mrs Victor Oyewole to note that the so-called developers currently engaged in campaign of calumny against Satguru Maharaj Ji and His devotees, after their latest carnage in Maharaj Ji Village in July 2020, are right now on the run. The office of the AIG at Osogbo, Zone X1 invited them after we petitioned against their acts of banditry and brigandage in Maharaj Ji Village, to come forward and substantiate their case, till date they are yet to show face. Equally, the High Court of Oyo State has issued a warrant of arrest for them to appear before the trial judge, yet nothing has been heard about them, though, we are told two of them, one Olagoke Amoo and Suara Atere have died.

Speaking further,  Peter stated that Satguru  Maharaji  Ji is the Executive  Administrator of the Aladorin family.

“Satguru Maharaj Ji can’t afford to betray the trust and confidence reposed on Him by the Patriarch of the Aladorin family as the Sole Administrator of the Aladorin Ancestral land by allowing those with deprived morals to mess up with any portion of the land.

“In the light of the fact that every Time, Dick and Harry wants to own land around Maharaj Ji Village proves the Aladorin’s Patriarch right as a spiritually conscious person that only Satguru Maharaj Ji could stand and administer effectively the land inheritance of the Aladorin’s and put on hold the vicious activities of land-grabbers that led to the death of some members of the Aladorin’s.

“It is unequally alarming to note that this injurious falsehood  and blackmail could find a space in our mass media without proper  scrutiny  particularly  with the availability of the Freedom of Information  Act, which broadly allows  Nigerians  access to information.  This all goes to show an orchestrated  abd indivious decision by paid agents to discredit  Satguru  Maharaji  Ji in order to achieve their diabolical  ends, which is at variance from the interest of Nigerians  and the entire world. “

“The couple are therefore advised to stop antagonizing Satguru Maharaj Ji and His devotees based on religious bias or sentiments, hearsay or outright hatred.

Peter, however, challenged  Victor Oyewole to come out with the documents  that he used to purchase  the land if truly he knows what  he is saying.

“We, however, call on members of the public to ignore and all the false claims of Mr. and Mrs. Victor  Oyewole,  with the ignominy it deserves  as he is seeking  for cheap relevance, ” Peter posited.